Origin: Berlin, Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal, Hard Rock
Page online: November 2, 2015
Last update/review: February 6, 2024


Lucifer came into being in 2014 soon after the all-too-quick demise of The Oath, with vocalist Johanna Sadonis starting anew here. The band debuted around the same time as a similar female-fronted doom band in Death Penalty, (both bands feature or featured ex-Cathedral guitarist Gaz Jennings), with the self-titled Lucifer debut drawing from familiar modern doom influences and Sadonis maintaining her high standards from her previous band. Soon afterward Sadonis recruited an all-new lineup featuring former Entombed drummer Nicke Andersson (he and Sadonis are now married), and the style on subsequent albums has shifted to a more 70's hard rock style, with a dash of occultism and some nods to the doomier side of the debut.

Recent album: Lucifer V, released on January 26, 2024.

Current Members

Johanna Sadonis

vocals/keyboards (ex-The Oath)

Linus Björklund


Martin Nordin


Harald Göthblad


Nicke Andersson

drums (ex-Daemon, Death Breath, Entombed)

Former Members/Guests

Gary Jennings

guitars (ex-Acid Reign, ex-Cathedral, Death Penalty)

Robin Tiderbrink


Dino Gollnick


Andy Prestidge

drums (ex-Angel Witch, ex-The Oath, Winters)


Lucifer I  
2015 Rise Above
  1. Abracadbra
  2. Purple Pyramid
  3. Izrael
  4. Sabbath
  5. White Mountain
  6. Morning Star
  7. Total Eclipse
  8. A Grave for Each One of Us
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Gary Jennings
  • Dino Gollnick
  • Andy Prestidge

Lucifer II  
2018 Century Media
  1. California Son
  2. Dreamer
  3. Phoenix
  4. Dancing with Mr. D
  5. Reaper on Your Heels
  6. Eyes in the Sky
  7. Before the Sun
  8. Aton
  9. Faux Pharaoh
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Robin Tiderbrink
  • Nicke Andersson

Lucifer III  
2020 Century Media
  1. Ghosts
  2. Midnight Phantom
  3. Leather Demon
  4. Lucifer
  5. Pacific Blues
  6. Coffin Fever
  7. Flanked by Snakes
  8. Stay Astray
  9. Cemetery Eyes
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Robin Tiderbrink
  • Martin Nordin
  • Nicke Andersson

Lucifer IV  
2021 Century Media
  1. Archangel of Death
  2. Wild Hearses
  3. Crucifix (I Burn for You)
  4. Bring Me His Head
  5. Mausoleum
  6. The Funeral Pyre
  7. Cold As a Tombstone
  8. Louise
  9. Nightmare
  10. Orion
  11. Phobos
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Linus Björklund
  • Martin Nordin
  • Harald Göthblad
  • Nicke Andersson

Lucifer V  
2024 Nuclear Blast
  1. Fallen Angel
  2. At the Mortuary
  3. Riding Reaper
  4. Slow Dance in a Crypt
  5. A Coffin Has No Silver Lining
  6. Maculate Heart
  7. The Dead Don't Speak
  8. Strange Sister
  9. Nothing Left to Lose but My Life
  10. At the Mortuary (Halloween edit)
  11. Maculate Heart (radio edit)
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Linus Björklund
  • Martin Nordin
  • Harald Göthblad
  • Nicke Andersson

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