Origin: Berlin, Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: November 2, 2015
Last update/review: August 5, 2018


Lucifer came into being after the all-too-quick demise of The Oath, with that band's excellent vocalist (Johanna Sadonis) starting anew here. This band pairs well with Death Penalty, as both bands are female-fronted doom bands that debuted not far apart from each other, and additionally both bands feature ex-Cathedral guitarist Gaz Jennings. Lucifer is the more traditionally doom-minded of the two bands, drawing from familiar modern doom influences while Sadonis maintains her high standards from her previous band -- her voice is perfect for a doom band like this. Hopefully this band will last longer.

Upcoming album: Lucifer III, release date March 20, 2020.

Current Members

Johanna Sadonis

vocals/keyboards (ex-The Oath)

Robin Tiderbrink


Martin Nordin


Alexander Mayr


Nicke Andersson

drums (ex-Daemon, Death Breath, Entombed)

Former Members/Guests

Gary Jennings

guitars (ex-Acid Reign, ex-Cathedral, Death Penalty)

Dino Gollnick


Andy Prestidge

drums (ex-Angel Witch, ex-The Oath, Winters)


Lucifer I  
2015 Rise Above
  1. Abracadbra
  2. Purple Pyramid
  3. Izrael
  4. Sabbath
  5. White Mountain
  6. Morning Star
  7. Total Eclipse
  8. A Grave for Each One of Us
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Gary Jennings
  • Dino Gollnick
  • Andy Prestidge

Lucifer II  
2018 Century Media
  1. California Son
  2. Dreamer
  3. Phoenix
  4. Dancing with Mr. D
  5. Reaper on Your Heels
  6. Eyes in the Sky
  7. Before the Sun
  8. Aton
  9. Faux Pharaoh
  • Johanna Sadonis
  • Robin Tiderbrink
  • Nicke Andersson

Lucifer III    RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020
2020 Century Media

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