Origin: Long Island, New York, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Crossover
Page online: May 19, 2008
Last update/review: May 19, 2008


Ludichrist was one of the more well-known thrash/crossover bands that emerged in the mid eighties, blending both humor and hardcore attitude with above-average musicianship and a host of outside influences. They released two albums on the Combat label, preceded by a lesser-known "live" album recorded at the infamous CBGB club ("live", since, though it was recorded at the club, no audience was present). Compared to other crossover acts of the day, Ludichrist seemed a bit more chaotic and frenzied in the songwriting and musicianship departments. The band more or less metamorphosed into Scatterbrain, and that incarnation lasted until the mid nineties. They did come together in February 2007 for a one-time reunion gig.

Last Lineup

Tommy Christ

vocals (ex-Scatterbrain)

Paul Nieder

guitars (ex-Scatterbrain)

Glen Cummings

guitars (ex-Scatterbrain)

Mike Walters


Dave Miranda


Former Members/Guests

Mark Kanabrocki


Joe Butcher


Chuck Valle


Al Batross



CBGB "Off The Board"  
  1. God Is Everywhere
  2. Tylenol
  3. Young, White And Well-Behaved
  4. Murder Bloody Murder
  5. Government Kids
  6. Corpse
  7. Big Business
  8. F.S.S.B.S
  9. Blown Into The Arms Of Chirst
  10. Down With The Ship
  11. Immaculate Deception
  12. Excommunicated
  13. Only As Directed
  14. Mengele
  15. Most People Are Dicks
  • Tommy Christ
  • Mark Kanabrocki
  • Glen Cummings
  • Chuck Valle
  • Al Batross

Immaculate Deception  
1986 Combat
  1. Fire At The Firehouse
  2. Most People Are Dicks
  3. Murder Bloody Murder
  4. Blown Into The Arms Of Christ
  5. Big Business
  6. Only As Directed
  7. Games Once Played
  8. Green Eggs And Ham
  9. Immaculate Deception
  10. You Can't Have Fun
  11. Government Kids
  12. Legal Murder
  13. Down With The Ship
  14. Thinking Of You
  15. Tylenol
  16. Mengele
  17. Young, White Ànd Well Behaved
  18. Last Train To Clarksville
  19. God Is Everywhere
  • Tommy Christ
  • Joe Butcher
  • Glen Cummings
  • Chuck Valle
  • Al Batross

1988 Combat
  1. Powertrip
  2. Zad
  3. Stuff To Fill Graves
  4. The Tip Of My Mind
  5. Damage Done
  6. T.B.O.S. (Barbiere Di Siviglia)
  7. This Party Sucks
  8. Johnnypump
  9. Yesterday For You
  10. And So It Goes
  11. The Well Dressed Man Disguise
  12. Iwo Jima (That Manly Smell)
  13. One For The Road
  • Tommy Christ
  • Paul Nieder
  • Glen Cummings
  • Mike Walters
  • Dave Miranda

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