Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
Page online: September 22, 2012
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Machines Of Grace

The origins of this band date back to the late eighties, where three of the guys here (Zak Stevens, Jeff Plate, and Matt Leff) played in a Boston band called Wicked Witch. A demo was recorded but the band never progressed past that stage, and Stevens and Plate eventually found their way to Savatage, with both taking part in various post-Savatage projects. Many years later the trio came back together, recruited bassist Chris Rapoza (who played with Leff in another band, Trigger Effect), and Machines Of Grace was born. 2009 saw the release of their self-financed, self-titled album. This is modern progressive-tinged hard rock/metal, graceful (no pun intended) and flowing. The production is crystal-clear, this certainly does not sound like a typical self-financed effort. Stevens has already made a name for himself in Savatage and Circle II Circle, and his vocals are in typically top form here. Overall it's a somewhat safe album, one can tell there's enough musical chops to go full-on prog metal if they wanted to, but relaxed hard rock is really the focus here.

Current Members

Zak Stevens


Matt Leff


Chris Rapoza


Jeff Plate

drums (ex-Metal Church, Savatage)


Machines Of Grace  
2009 self-released
  1. Just a Game
  2. Psychotic
  3. Fly Away
  4. Innocence
  5. The Moment
  6. Between the Lines
  7. This Time
  8. Breakdown
  9. Soul to Fire
  10. Promises
  11. Bleed
  12. Better Days
  13. This Time (Acoustic)
  • Zak Stevens
  • Matt Leff
  • Chris Rapoza
  • Jeff Plate

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