Origin: Poland  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Page online: June 17, 2010
Last update/review: October 12, 2010

Made Of Hate

This Polish band originated as Archeon, and under that name issued an album in 2005 entitled The End Of Weakness. For whatever reason, they decided to change name to Made Of Hate, and along with a lineup shift, released their followup album (and first under the Made Of Hate name) in 2008, Bullet In Your Head. On Weakness, the style of the band is progressive-laced power metal, occasionally with a neo-classical bent, with blackened death-ish vocals. If that sounds like, say, Children Of Bodom, well, that's clearly the number one influence here, and while there's nothing wrong with that on the surface, the guys do lose a few originality points. But this is still potent stuff, energetic and well-constructed, even if familiar at times. With the name change came the dropping of keyboards (which played a central role on Weakness, again as they do in Bodom), though apparently the Bodom-isms remain.

Current Members

Michal Kostrzynski


Radek Polrolniczak


Tomek Grochowski


Former Members/Guests

Grzegorz Jezierski


Jarek Kajszczak


Marlena Rutkowska


Janek Lesniak



End Of The Weakness  
2005 Empire
  1. Arising
  2. Day of the Doom
  3. Dead World
  4. Queen of the Night
  5. Struggle With Death
  6. Lost Fool
  7. Ruins of Life
  8. Prayer
  9. Hungarian Dance
  • Michal Kostrzynski
  • Radek Polrolniczak
  • Grzegorz Jezierski
  • Janek Lesniak
  • Tomek Grochowski

Bullet In Your Head  
2008 AFM
  1. Bullet in Your Head
  2. An Eye For An Eye
  3. On The Edge
  4. My Last Breath
  5. Mirror of Sins
  6. Hidden
  7. Judgement
  8. Deadend
  9. Fallout
  • Michal Kostrzynski
  • Radek Polrolniczak
  • Jarek Kajszczak
  • Tomek Grochowski

2010 AFM
  1. Friend
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. You Departed
  4. I Can't Believe
  5. Lock 'n' Load
  6. Pathogen
  7. False Flag
  8. Questions
  • Michal Kostrzynski
  • Radek Polrolniczak
  • Jarek Kajszczak
  • Tomek Grochowski

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