Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Power Metal
Page online: October 18, 2015
Last update/review: October 18, 2015

Masters Of Metal

Depending on one's point of view, Masters Of Metal was either an Agent Steel side project or the eventual continuation of that band, and in fact the name "Masters Of Metal" derives from an AS song. At the time, Agent Steel was listed as on hiatus (perhaps due to the non-involvement of original vocalist John Cyriis, or perhaps not), so it's not surprising that the guys wanted to keep playing in one form or another. With guitarist Bernie Versailles taking on vocals, the 2013 self-titled EP wasn't far removed from AS, consisting of intricate, melodic yet still aggressive power/thrash with plenty of solos to keep the hardcore fans happy. A full-length album came out in September 2015, but it's questionable whether the band is active as of this writing (late 2020).

Current Members

Bernie Versailles

guitars/vocals (ex-Agent Steel, ex-Engine, guest for Fates Warning, Redemption)

Juan Garcia

guitars (ex-Abattoir, ex-Agent Steel, Body Count, Evildead, Killing Machine, ex-Obscene Gesture)

Robert Cardenas

bass/backing vocals (Malice, ex-Possessed)

Rigo Amezcua

drums (ex-Agent Steel)


Masters Of Metal  EP
  1. Chameleon
  2. Evolution of Being
  3. M.K. Ultra (Mind Kontrol)
  4. Lunacy
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Juan Garcia
  • Robert Cardenas
  • Rigo Amezcua

From Worlds Beyond  
2015 Metalville
  1. Supremacy
  2. World Left in Cinders
  3. Third Eye
  4. Tomb of Ra
  5. Eclipse
  6. The Mindless
  7. MK Ultra
  8. Into the Vortex
  9. Doors Beyond Our Galaxy
  10. Evolution of Being
  11. Vengeance & Might
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Juan Garcia
  • Robert Cardenas
  • Rigo Amezcua

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