Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: Grunge Metal
Last update/review: February 5, 2004

My Sister's Machine

My Sister's Machine had a strong resemblance to early Alice In Chains, which may not be coincidental, as MSM vocalist Nick Pollock was the lead guitarist for Alice in the late 80's. The band broke up in 1994, with Pollock later seen in a band called Tanks Of Zen until around 2001, and more recently has collaborated with Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton in a project called Soulbender.

Last Lineup

Nick Pollock

guitars/vocals (Soulbender)

Owen Wright


Chris Ivanovich





1992 Caroline
  1. Hands and Feet
  2. Pain
  3. I Hate You
  4. Wasting Time
  5. Love at High Speed
  6. I'm Sorry
  7. Walk All Over You
  8. Sunday
  9. Monster Box
  10. Diva
  • Nick Pollock
  • Owen Wright
  • Chris Ivanovich
  • Gohde

1993 Elektra
  1. Inside of Me
  2. Broken Land
  3. This is Fear
  4. Steamy Swamp Thing
  5. Feed
  6. Empty Room
  7. 16 Ways to Go
  8. Enemy
  9. I Slip Away
  10. Burn
  11. Mockingbird
  12. Cracking New Ground
  • Nick Pollock
  • Owen Wright
  • Chris Ivanovich
  • Gohde

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