Origin: Norway  
Genres: Black Metal, Eclectic Metal
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Originally a duo, Manes emerged from the Norwegian scene in the early 90's, releasing a string of demos up until 1995, at which time they disappeared from public view for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was a serious medical condition suffered by guitarist Cernunnus. The band's first full-length album, Under Ein Blodraut Maane finally was released in 1999. Blodraut features that classic Thorns-approved cold guitar tone synonymous with old-school black metal, alongside distant tortured vocals from Sargatanas. Though the production is a bit thin, the album itself is quite good for the style. Four years later the band emerged again, but with substantial changes, as guitarist Tor-Helge Skei (the real name of Cernunnus) had recruited an all-new lineup, resulting in 2003's release, Vilosophe. A stark contrast to their past, Vilosophe finds the band undergoing a transformation of near-Ulver-like proportions, as the album contains no black metal and only some elements of metal at all. What Vilosophe is, though, is an intriguing foray into a variety of styles, featuring trip-hop, jazz and electronica elements married with a somewhat melancholic rock/metal feel, and distinctive high clear vocals. Reviews on the album are sharply divided, with some disappointed with their leaving the black metal scene and finding the new approach pretentious, while others appreciate the experimentalism and freshness of the new direction. To these ears, Vilosophe is an excellent album, and heartily recommended to those with an open mind to new influences in hard music. Several years after that came How The World Came To An End, furthering the band's cause towards avant-garde metal, and a year later the band was done. Skei and the old vocalist Sargatanas formed an offshoot band by the name of Manii, and after releasing an album in 2013, Skei once again reformed Manes and released Be All End All in 2014.

Current Members

Asgeir Hatlen


Eivind Fjoseide

guitars (Atrox)

Tor-Helge Skei

guitars/keyboards (Manii)

Torstein Parelius

bass (Chton)

Rune Hoemsnes

drums (The Soundbyte, The 3rd And The Mortal)

Former Members/Guests

Sargatanas (Thomas Berglie)

vocals (Khold, Manii, Sarke, Tulus)

Tommy Sebastian Halseth

vocals (ex-Atrox, ex-Godsend, ex-Griffin)

Kvarforth (Niklas Olsson)

vocals (ex-Bethlehem, Skitliv, Spelljammer)



Tor Arne Helgesen



Under Ein Blodraud Maane  
1998 Hammerheart
  1. Min Trone Står Til Evig Tid
  2. Maanes Natt
  3. Uten Liv Ligger Landet
  4. De Mørke Makters Dyp
  5. Under Ein Blodraud Maane
  6. Till Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer
  • Sargatanas
  • Tor-Helge Skei

2003 Code666
  1. Nodamnbrakes
  2. Diving With Your Hands Bound (Nearly Flying)
  3. White Devil, Black Shroud
  4. Terminus A Quo / Terminus Ad Quem
  5. Death Of The Genuine
  6. Ende
  7. The Hardest Of Comedowns
  8. Confluence
  • Tommy Sebastian Halseth
  • Eivind Fjoseide
  • Tor-Helge Skei
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Rune Hoemsnes

Svarte Skoger  COMPILATION
2006 Kyrck
  1. Intro
  2. Der Mörke Makters Dyp
  3. Under Den Blodraude Maanen
  4. En Hymne Til Ondskapens Fyrste
  5. Menn Pa Helveg Hastar
  6. Manens Natt
  7. Dansen Gjennom Skugge-Heimen
  8. Uten Liv Ligger Laudet Ode
  9. Ned I Stillheten
  10. Ravnens Skugge
  11. Min Trone Star Til Evig Tid
  12. I Helvetes Haller
  13. Til Kongens Grav De Dode Vandrer
  14. Natt
  15. The Ancient One (PERIFA)
  16. Untitled (OBSCURO)

[view]  EP
2006 Aural
  1. Cinder Alley
  2. Terminus Rmx
  3. The Neoflagellata Revision
  4. Terminus Deconstructus
  5. Knife & Kleenex
  6. Title
  7. Terminus Dei Profundis

How The World Came To An End  
2007 Candlelight
  1. Deeprooted
  2. Come to Pass
  3. I Watch You Fall
  4. A Cancer in our Midst (Plague One)
  5. Last Lights
  6. Nobody Wants the Truth
  7. My Journal of the Plague Years (Fuckmensch Warmensch)
  8. The Cure-All
  9. Transmigrant
  10. Son of Night Brother of Sleep
  • Tommy Sebastian Halseth
  • Asgeir Hatlen
  • Eivind Fjoseide
  • Tor-Helge Skei
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Rune Hoemsnes

Solve Et Coagula  
2009 Kyrck
  • Kvarforth
  • Malefic
  • Eivind Fjoseide
  • Tor-Helge Skei
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Tor Arne Helgesen

Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets  COMPILATION
2014 Debemur Morti
  1. Blanket of Ashes
  2. Ende (Live)
  3. Ease Yourself Back (Into Conciousness)
  4. The Cure-All (Remix)
  5. One More Room
  6. Nobody Wants the Truth
  7. Tzolv
  8. Transmigrant
  9. Nodamnbrakes
  10. Diving With Your Hands Bound [Nearly Flying]
  11. Deeprooted (8-bit)

Be All End All  
2014 Debemur Morti
  1. A Deathpact Most Imminent
  2. Ars Moriendi (The Lower Crown)
  3. A Safe Place In The Unsafe
  4. Blanket Of Ashes
  5. Broken Fire
  6. Free As In Free To Leave
  7. Name The Serpent
  8. The Nature And Function Of Sacrifice
  9. Turn The Streams
  • Eivind Fjoseide
  • Tor-Helge Skei
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Rune Hoemsnes

Slow Motion Death Sequence  
2018 Debemur Morti
  1. Endetidstegn
  2. Scion
  3. Chemical Heritage
  4. Therapism
  5. Last Resort
  6. Poison Enough for Everyone
  7. Building the Ship of Theseus
  8. Night Vision
  9. Ater
  • Asgeir Hatlen
  • Eivind Fjoseide
  • Tor-Helge Skei
  • Torstein Parelius
  • Rune Hoemsnes
  • Tor Arne Helgesen

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