Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: June 4, 2002


Then Came The Killing is pretty much a thrash-by-the-book album by this Swedish band. Not a bad album at all and of interest to thrash completists, but not very different from other thrash bands of that era.

Last Lineup

Uffe Petersson

vocals (ex-Rosicrucian)

Staffe Karlsson


Zebba Karlsson


Conny Welen

bass (ex-Hexenhaus)

Steffe Karlsson



Then Came The Killing  
1990 Active
  1. Then Came The Killing
  2. Ancient Terror
  3. The Final Holocaust
  4. Frozen Soul
  5. Distant Death
  6. Prevention Necessary
  7. Where Death Begins
  8. The Cross Of Torment
  9. Inner Devastation
  • Uffe Petersson
  • Staffe Karlsson
  • Zebba Karlsson
  • Conny Welen
  • Steffe Karlsson

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