Origin: Birmingham, England  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: January 6, 2021
Last update/review: March 7, 2023


Memoriam was formed following the disbanding of Bolt Thrower, as that band broke up with the passing of their drummer Martin Kearns and these guys forming as a tribute to Kearns. Featuring two core Bolt Throwers as well as a pair from another venerable British death metal band in Benediction, Memoriam unsurprisingly carries on in a similar tradition, with enough nods to the past to loosely call this band the continuation of Bolt Thrower. The sound is a mostly mid-tempo straightforward death metal style (BT's onetime grindcore tendencies aren't here), with few nods to current trends. Three albums in to their career, the results are satisfying enough, especially for Bolt Thrower fans.

Current Members

Karl Willetts

vocals (ex-Bolt Thrower)

Scott Fairfax

guitars (ex-Massacre)

Frank Healy

bass (ex-Benediction, ex-Cerebral Fix, Sacrilege)

Spikey T. Smith

drums (Sacrilege)

Former Members/Guests

Andy Whale

drums (ex-Bolt Thrower)


For The Fallen  
2017 Nuclear Blast
  1. Memoriam
  2. War Rages On
  3. Reduced to Zero
  4. Corrupted System
  5. Flatline
  6. Surrounded (by Death)
  7. Resistance
  8. Last Words
  • Karl Willetts
  • Scott Fairfax
  • Frank Healy
  • Andy Whale

The Silent Vigil  
2018 Nuclear Blast
  1. Soulless Parasite
  2. Nothing Remains
  3. From the Flames
  4. The Silent Vigil
  5. Bleed the Same
  6. As Bridges Burn
  7. The New Dark Ages
  8. No Known Grave
  9. Weaponised Fear
  10. Dronestrike V3
  11. Prisoners of War
  • Karl Willetts
  • Scott Fairfax
  • Frank Healy
  • Andy Whale

Requiem For Mankind  
2019 Nuclear Blast
  1. Shell Shock
  2. Undefeated
  3. Never the Victim
  4. Austerity Kills
  5. In the Midst of Desolation
  6. Refuse to Be Led
  7. The Veteran
  8. Requiem for Mankind
  9. Fixed Bayonets
  10. Interment
  • Karl Willetts
  • Scott Fairfax
  • Frank Healy
  • Andy Whale

To The End  
2021 Reaper
  1. Onwards into Battle
  2. This War Is Won
  3. No Effect
  4. Failure to Comply
  5. Each Step (One Closer to the Grave)
  6. To the End
  7. Vacant Stare
  8. Mass Psychosis
  9. As My Heart Grows Cold
  • Karl Willetts
  • Scott Fairfax
  • Frank Healy
  • Spikey T. Smith

Rise To Power  
2023 Reaper
  1. Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)
  2. Total War
  3. I Am the Enemy
  4. The Conflict is Within
  5. Annihilation's Dawn
  6. All is Lost
  7. Rise to Power
  8. This Pain

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