Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
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Page online: February 15, 2016
Last update/review: October 7, 2023


Formed in 2013 and quickly debuting a year later with Empress Rising, Gothenburg's doom/stoner trio Monolord know how to bring the heaviness to the fore. Prime Sleep might be the best reference point, with monstrous slow meaty riffs, and the distant, clean yet slightly distorted vocals are a nice touch, a hardcore roar would have dulled the overall effect. Yet, with five 7-plus minute songs each mostly featuring a single riff repeated endlessly, things get a bit one-dimensional. Still, the foundation is there for something special.

Current Members

Thomas Jäger

guitars/vocals (ex-Draconian)

Mika Häkki

bass (ex-Rotten Sound)

Esben Willems



Empress Rising  
  1. Empress Rising
  2. Audhumbla
  3. Harbinger of Death
  4. Icon
  5. Watchers of the Waste
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

  1. Cursing the One
  2. We Will Burn
  3. Nuclear Death
  4. Died a Million Times
  5. The Cosmic Silence
  6. Vænir
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

  1. Where Death Meets the Sea
  2. Dear Lucifer
  3. Rust
  4. Wormland
  5. Forgotten Lands
  6. At Niceae
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

No Comfort  
2019 Relapse
  1. The Bastard Son
  2. The Last Leaf
  3. Larvae
  4. Skywards
  5. Alone Together
  6. No Comfort
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

Your Time To Shine  
2021 Relapse
  1. The Weary
  2. To Each Their Own
  3. I'll Be Damned
  4. Your Time To Shine
  5. The Siren Of Yersinia
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

It's All The Same  
2023 Relapse
  1. Glaive (It's All the Same)
  2. The Only Road
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Mika Häkki
  • Esben Willems

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