Origin: Strängnäs, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: November 6, 2007
Last update/review: July 4, 2015


Merciless (not to be confused with France's Mercyless) was one of the pioneering early Swedish death metal bands, forming back in 1986. Their 1988 demo attracted the interest of none other than Euronymous, who signed the band to his brand-new Deathlike Silence label, and in fact Merciless' debut album, The Awakening, ended up being the very first release on Deathlike Silence. By modern standards it's pretty raw and primitive, but it's still regarded as an influential album for many Swedish bands to come. By the mid-nineties they were done, but several years after that they came back together, eventually recording their comeback album, simply titled Merciless, in 2004, shifting slightly to a more death/thrash style.

Last Lineup

Roger Pettersson


Erik Wallen


Fredrik Karlén


Peter Stjärnvind

drums (ex-Entombed, ex-Face Down, Krux, ex-Murder Squad, ex-Nifelheim, ex-Unanimated)

Former Members/Guests

Stefan Carlsson



The Awakening  
1990 Deathlike Silence
  1. Pure Hate
  2. Souls of the Dead
  3. The Awakening
  4. Dreadful Fate
  5. Realm of the Dark
  6. Dying World
  7. Bestial Death
  8. Denied Birth
  • Roger Pettersson
  • Erik Wallen
  • Fredrik Karlén
  • Stefan Carlsson

The Treasures Within  
1992 Active
  1. The Treasures Within
  2. Mind Possession
  3. Darkened Clouds
  4. The Book of Lies
  5. Perish
  6. Shadows of Fire
  7. Lifeflame
  8. Act of Horror
  9. Branded by Sunlight
  10. Dying World
  • Roger Pettersson
  • Erik Wallen
  • Fredrik Karlén
  • Peter Stjärnvind

  1. Unbound
  2. The Land I Used to Walk
  3. Feebleminded
  4. Back to North
  5. Silent Truth
  6. Lost Eternally
  7. Nuclear Attack
  8. Forbidden Pleasure
  • Roger Pettersson
  • Erik Wallen
  • Fredrik Karlén
  • Peter Stjärnvind

  1. Cleansed By Fire
  2. Violent Obsession
  3. Cold Eyes Of Grey
  4. Human Waste
  5. Burn All The Way
  6. Unearthly Salvation
  7. Painless End
  8. Mind Possession
  9. Fallen Angels Universe
  10. In Your Blood
  • Roger Pettersson
  • Erik Wallen
  • Fredrik Karlén
  • Peter Stjärnvind

Live Obsession  VIDEO
2004 Escapi

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