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Morgueazm is, indirectly, the continuation of the NWOBHM band Blood Money, a band who released a couple of albums in the mid-eighties and then toyed with the idea of reforming in 2001. Instead, two of the Blood Money guys decided to form a new band, and after bringing in a bassist, the trio now known as Morgueazm was ready for action. Right off the bat, a couple of things are clear -- one, this band has really nothing to do with Blood Money or the NWOBHM in general sound-wise, and two, with album titles like Fun With Formaldehyde and Multiple Morgueazms, there's a twisted sense of humor on display. Style-wise, the songs are relatively simplistic, dark, faintly industrial metal tunes, with lyrics centering on horror, sex, and the like. Clearly these aren't out to make a million dollars or change the world through their music, but they are kind of fun to listen to.

Current Members

Gramie Dee

guitars/vocals (ex-Blood Money)

Dark Mark


Brett "Avok" Robertson

drums (ex-Blood Money, ex-Desolation Angels)


Fun With Formaldehyde  
  1. Fun With Formaldehyde
  2. Never Do I
  3. Visions Of Blood
  4. Visions
  5. Devourer Of The Flesh
  6. I'm A Killer
  7. Killa
  8. Little Angels In The Ground
  9. I Confess
  10. Fun Wiv U
  • Gramie Dee
  • Dark Mark
  • Brett "Avok" Robertson

Multiple Morgueazms  
  1. Multiple Morgueazms
  2. Chainswhore
  3. Romancing The Dead
  4. I Love Your Mind
  5. Ich Komm' In Deinem Blut
  6. Succubus
  7. I Lick Your Meat
  8. Embrace The Darkness
  9. Big Scat Momma
  10. All About Me
  11. Rotting Angel
  12. Sherman Tank
  13. Gloom Of The Dead
  14. Heavycore
  15. Tales From The Morgue
  • Gramie Dee
  • Dark Mark
  • Brett "Avok" Robertson

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