Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: July 3, 2002


Originally known as Combat, the thrash trio Napalm managed to secure a record deal with Combat Records (no relation, but it was the label that forced the name change to Napalm) and their first release was an EP as part of Combat's Bootcamp series. Arguably the best release from the band, the EP was an energetic thrashfest and one of the better sellers of the series, but despite already having a longer-term deal with Combat, band and label couldn't see eye to eye and the original lineup folded. Bassist Chris Weidner recruited a brand-new lineup, but Combat nullified the contract, and so it was SPV who eventually released Napalm's first full-length album, Cruel Tranquility. Weidner himself was ousted from the band shortly thereafter, and by the time of 1990's Zero To Black the style was less thrash and more power metal based, the least representative of the band's style and attitude. Though the band known as Napalm is no longer active, the Rossbach brothers (the other two-thirds of the original Combat EP lineup) are still active in the music scene, having put out a new album as Combat and occasionally playing in the NYC area.

Last Lineup

Chris Liggio


Jeff Lombardi


Robert Proimos


Former Members/Guests

Chris Weidner


Jeff Rossbach

guitars (Combat)

Brett Roth


Rex Rossbach

drums (Combat)


Napalm  EP
1986 Combat
  1. The Monarch
  2. Tunnel Rat/All Out Assault
  3. Evil Speak
  4. Freedom Day
  • Chris Weidner
  • Jeff Rossbach
  • Rex Rossbach

Cruel Tranquility  
1989 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Mind Melt
  2. A.O.A.
  3. Shake It Off
  4. Gag Of Steel
  5. Devastation
  6. Combat Zone
  7. Immoral Society
  8. Attack On America
  9. Reanimate
  10. Act Of Betrayal/Nightmare Administrator
  11. Practice What You Preach
  12. Kranked Up And Out
  • Chris Weidner
  • Chris Liggio
  • Jeff Lombardi
  • Robert Proimos

Zero To Black  
1990 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Teenage Illusion
  2. Time And Time Again
  3. Zero To Black
  4. The Other Side Feels Grey
  5. Pigs
  6. Alternative Life Of Style
  7. The Harder You Live
  8. Crucified
  9. Gone
  10. Cut You Up
  • Chris Liggio
  • Jeff Lombardi
  • Brett Roth
  • Robert Proimos

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