Origin: London, England  
Genres: Rap Metal
Last update/review: August 20, 2004

One Minute Silence

Initially known as Near Death Experience, One Minute Silence would appear to be the British heir apparent to Rage Against The Machine, as they share that band's trademark, fusing overt rap lyrics and politically charged lyrics with meaty, groovy rock/metal riffing. If anything, One Minute Silence is harder, faster (sometimes showing some hardcore influences), and a tad more diverse than RATM, though clearly fans of that group would get into this band. They announced their disbandment in October 2003.

Last Lineup

Brian Barry


Massy Fiocco


Glen Diani


Eddie Stratton


Former Members/Guests

Chris Ignatiou



Available In All Colours  
  1. New Dogs New Tricks
  2. South Central
  3. Stuck Between A Rock And A White Face
  4. A More Violent Approach
  5. Norfuckinmality
  6. For Want Of A Better World
  7. I Think Therefore I'm Damned
  8. Remain Clam
  9. Aailable In All Colours
  10. Brainspiller
  11. A Waste Of Things To Come
  12. And Some Ya Lose
  13. Pig Until Proven Cop
  • Brian Barry
  • Chris Ignatiou
  • Glen Diani
  • Eddie Stratton

Buy Now ... Saved Later  
  1. Rise And Shine
  2. 1845
  3. Holy Man
  4. It's Just A Ride
  5. Food For The Brain
  6. Fish Out Of Water
  7. Room Of The World
  8. 16 Stone Pig
  9. 210 Dog Years
  10. If I Can Change
  11. A Spoonful Of Sugar
  12. On Deaf Ears
  13. A Day in The Light
  14. Words
  • Brian Barry
  • Massy Fiocco
  • Glen Diani
  • Eddie Stratton

One Lie Fits All  
  1. Fistful Of Nothing
  2. Revolution
  3. I Wear My Skin
  4. The Way Back
  5. We Bounce
  6. You So Much As Move
  7. The Price Of The Kings Ticket
  8. Into Our Own
  9. A Song About
  10. The Hill Is A Whole
  11. Representing The Poor Man
  • Brian Barry
  • Massy Fiocco
  • Glen Diani
  • Eddie Stratton

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