Origin: Oakland, California, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Page online: January 24, 2009
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Bass and drums and vocals. That's it. No guitars at all! Such a concept isn't unheard of in the music world, but it's rare that a metal-based band would adopt such a concept. Moreover, this isn't just any bass-and-drum duo -- this was (originally) former rhythm section of the mighty Sleep. Pilgrimage is their third and most recent album, and it's an interesting listen indeed. Consisting of two 10+ epics and two shorter songs, two of the four (the longer "Pilgrimage" and its shorter companion, "Pilgrimage (Reprise)" are quiet, ambient tracks that don't really go far, but the other two tracks really show what a bass and drum can do, slow, doomy, and grindy, and frankly the guitars aren't missed one bit. The vocals, when present, are clean and slightly ethereal, a better fit than the harsher tones that one might have expected here. This kind of music isn't for everyone, and it's not even for every metal fan, but it's got its moments.

The pair split in February 2008, with drummer Chris Hakius departing and bassist Al Cisneros hooking up with a new drummer. Cisneros and Hakius both joined the reformed Sleep for a time, though Hakius has since left that band as well.

Current Members

Al Cisneros

bass/vocals (Sleep)

Tyler Trotter


Emil Amos


Former Members/Guests

Chris Hakius

drums (ex-Sleep)


Variations On A Theme  
2005 self-released
  1. On The Mountain At Dawn
  2. Kapila's Theme
  3. Annapurna
  • Al Cisneros
  • Chris Hakius

Conference Of The Birds  
2006 Leaf Hound
  1. At Giza
  2. Flight Of The Eagle
  • Al Cisneros
  • Chris Hakius

The Pilgrimage  
2007 Southern Lord
  1. Pilgrimage
  2. Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead
  3. Bhima's Theme
  4. Pilgrimage (Reprise)
  • Al Cisneros
  • Chris Hakius

Live At Jerusalem  LIVE
2008 Southern Lord
  1. Flight Of The Eagle
  2. Bhima's Theme
  • Al Cisneros
  • Emil Amos

Live Conference  LIVE
  1. Flight of the Eagle
  2. At Giza
  • Al Cisneros
  • Emil Amos

God Is Good  
  1. Thebes
  2. Meditation is the Practice of Death
  3. Cremation Ghat I
  4. Cremation Ghat II
  • Al Cisneros
  • Emil Amos

Advaitic Songs  
  1. Addis
  2. State of Non-Return
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Sinai
  5. Haqq al-Yaqin
  • Al Cisneros
  • Emil Amos

Live  LIVE
  1. Sinai
  2. Meditation Is the Practice of Death
  3. Cremation Ghat I
  4. Bhimas Theme

BBC Radio 1  EP
  1. Gethsemane
  2. State of Non-Return
  3. Cremation Ghat I
  4. Cremation Ghat II
  • Al Cisneros
  • Tyler Trotter
  • Emil Amos

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