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Last update/review: April 6, 2004


Power was founded by guitarist Daniel Dalley (who, somewhat confusingly, released a solo album entitled Power prior to fomring this band), and is notable for the participation of Alan Tecchio, who has contributed to a number of a quality metal bands. Justice Of Fire is a tight power metal album that musically is somewhat in the realm of mid-period King Diamond, with Tecchio turning in a fine vocal performance as one might expect. It appears that this project was a one-time affair, though Dalley is still active in the music business, with a new band (Chamber Crypt) and a new album, more information of which can be found at his website below.

Last Lineup

Alan Tecchio

vocals (ex-Hades, ex-Non-Fiction, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Watchtower)

Daniel L. Dalley


Mike Watt

drums (ex-System Addict)


Justice Of Fire  
1995 RTN
  1. Prelude To Apocalypse
  2. Hands Over Time
  3. Firewalk
  4. Rising Son (Through The Eyes Of God)
  5. An Evil Presence
  6. Deceiver Of Truth
  7. The Vision
  8. Justice Of Fire
  9. Eternally
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Daniel L. Dalley
  • Mike Watt

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