Origin: Tasmania, Australia  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: July 29, 2005
Last update/review: November 27, 2018


Psycroptic is a Tasmanian death metal band that formed in 1999, with their most recent album being The Scepter Of The Ancients, released in 2003. Scepter is a fine example of twisted, choppy, technical death metal, with frequently changing riffs and extremely tight musicianship. Matthew Chalk displays a fine range of extreme vocal styles, from the traditional low growls to blackish shrieks, thus avoiding the tendency of death vocalists to reduce every lyric to monotonic barking. There is the tendency to favor the riff over the song, as is common with technical bands like this, but there is enough variance in the everchanging riffs to overlook the relative lack of song identity. Psycroptic is one of the better technical death metal bands to emerge in some time.

Current Members

Jason Peppiatt


Joe Haley

guitars (ex-The Amenta)

Todd Stern


David Haley

drums (guest for Aborted, The Amenta, ex-Pestilence)

Former Members/Guests

Matthew Chalk


Cameron Grant



The Isle Of Disenchantment  
2001 self-released
  1. Carnival of vulgarity
  2. The sword of uncreation
  3. Condemned by discontent
  4. Netherworld reality
  5. The isle of disenchantment
  6. Of dull eyes borne
  7. Psycroptipath
  8. Beneath the ground we dwell
  9. The labyrinth
  • Matthew Chalk
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

The Scepter Of The Ancients  
2003 Unique Leader
  1. The colour of sleep
  2. Battling the misery of organon
  3. Lacertine forest
  4. Psycrology
  5. Skin Coffin
  6. Cruelty incarnate
  7. The valley of winds breath and dragons fire
  8. A planetary discipline
  9. The scepter from Jaar-gilon
  • Matthew Chalk
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

Symbols Of Failure  
2006 Neurotic
  1. Alpha Breed
  2. Missionaries of a future to come
  3. Merchants of deceit
  4. Minions: the falleny
  5. Repairing the dimensional cluster
  6. Epoch of the gods
  7. Our evolutionary architecture
  8. An experiment in transience
  9. Cleansing a misguided path
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

2008 Neurotic
  1. Ob(Servant)
  2. A Calculated Effort
  3. Slaves Of Nil
  4. The Shifting Equilibrium
  5. Removing The Common Bond
  6. Horde in Devolution
  7. Blood Stained Lineage
  8. Immortal Army Of One
  9. Initiate
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

2010 Stomp
  1. A Calculated Effort
  2. Merchants of Deceit
  3. Ob(Servant)
  4. The Sword of Uncreation
  5. Skin Coffin
  6. Horde in Devolution
  7. Carnival of Vulgarity
  8. Epoch of the Gods
  9. Lacertine Forest
  10. Immortal Army of One
  11. The Colour of Sleep
  12. Initiate
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

The Inherited Repression  
2012 Nuclear Blast
  1. Carriers Of The Plague
  2. Forward To Submission
  3. Euphorinasia
  4. The Throne Of Kings
  5. Unmasking The Traitors
  6. Become The Cult
  7. From Scribe To Ashes
  8. Deprivation
  9. The Sleepers Have Awoken
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

2015 Prosthetic
  1. Echoes to Come
  2. Ending
  3. A Soul Once Lost
  4. Cold
  5. Setting the Skies Ablaze
  6. Ideals That Won't Surrender
  7. Sentence of Immortality
  8. The World Discarded
  9. Endless Wandering
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Cameron Grant
  • David Haley

As The Kingdom Drowns  
2018 Prosthetic
  1. We Were the Keepers
  2. Frozen Gaze
  3. Directive
  4. Deadlands
  5. As the Kingdom Drowns
  6. Beyond the Black
  7. Upon These Stones
  8. Momentum of the Void
  9. You Belong Here, Below
  • Jason Peppiatt
  • Joe Haley
  • Todd Stern
  • David Haley

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