Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
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Page online: June 18, 2007
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The band Re:Ignition formed around 2004 or so, releasing their debut album Empty Heart, Loaded Gun in 2006. The band features several guys familiar to the Bay Area thrash scene, most notably Steve Esquivel and Snake from Skinlab. Judging Empty Heart against previous Skinlab output (or, for that matter, thrash in general) is really comparing apples to oranges, as the style of Re:Ignition is nothing like the Machine Head-styled modern thrash of Skinlab. No, Re:Ignition is very much a 90's-styled heavy rock band, with a hard-alternative, faintly nu-metal style (several point to Soundgarden as an influence, but it's a fleeting one at best, though the vocals sometime resemble Chris Cornell), clear, soulful vocals, and everpresent wall-of-sound yet melodic/hook-laden guitars. With that in mind, rating the album is a matter of opinion, as the band clearly rocks hard and the accessibility factor is there, though on the other hand it all comes across as a bit faceless -- without any one band coming to mind, this style/sound is hardly new or original. Clearly old Skinlab fans will not take to this, but that's not the point, and kudos to Esquivel and crew for not forming another band to replay riffs from their previous band (Skinlab itself is back in business, the guys involved apparently active in both bands).

Last Lineup

Dave Moore


Steve Esquivel

guitars (ex-Defiance, Skinlab)

Tim Howell

guitars (ex-Sacrilege B.C.)

Snake (Steve Green)

bass (Skinlab, ex-Skrew)

Mark Hernandez

drums (ex-Defiance, ex-Demonica, ex-Forbidden, ex-Technocracy, ex-Torque, ex-Vio-lence)


Empty Heart, Loaded Gun  
2006 C. Punishment
  1. Left Behind
  2. Head On
  3. Short Memory
  4. By A Thread
  5. Lies & Money
  6. Dark Nevada
  7. Bright Red
  8. Falling In
  9. Upset
  10. Unbearable
  11. Spinning In Cicles
  12. Like A Beating
  13. Empty Heart Loaded Gun
  • Dave Moore
  • Steve Esquivel
  • Tim Howell
  • Snake
  • Mark Hernandez

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