Origin: Russia  
Last update/review: July 20, 2015


Rakoth is one of those offbeat groups for whom terms such as "experimental", "avant-garde", and "eclectic" are invariably used in a vain attempt to describe their style. The debut, Planeshift is itself a rather strange album loosely in the melodic black metal camp, but it's downright ordinary compared to Tiny Deaths, an album that essentially defies conventional metallic comparisons. There are noticeable traditional Russian folk influences, ambient piano interludes, a bit of black metal (but only a bit), some atmospheric doom, even some techno thrown into the mix, with no two songs really sounding the same. Suffice to say that those into basic headbanging or extreme thrashing might not take to Rakoth, but those who favor the experimental left-field groups might find something of interest here. Tiny Deaths is not a perfect album, as some of the quieter songs seem to be a little too experimental and meandering, but it's one of the more diverse and unusual albums this reviewer has heard in some time, and one intriguing listen.

Some 11 years later came the band's fourth album, Ars Compilata, which by one report somewhat blends the weirdness of Tiny Deaths with some of the more standard structures of their earlier works.

Current Members

Zlek (P. Noir)


Rustam Shakirzyanov


Kjord Marguellas


Andreas Arshakuni


Former Members/Guests




1999 Code666
  1. Planeshift
  2. Fear (wasn´t in the Design)
  3. Noldor Exodus
  4. The Dark Heart of Uukrul
  5. Og´Elend
  6. Planeshift
  7. Gorthaur Aulendil
  8. Mountain God
  9. The Unquiet Grave
  10. Outro
  • Zlek
  • Rustam Shakirzyanov
  • Dy

2001 Code666
  1. Dying Realm
  2. A Passing in the Ethereal
  3. Insurgent One
  4. Story of the Nameless
  5. Farewell
  6. Brightless
  7. Return of the Nameless
  8. Diamond Angel
  9. Der Jammerwoch
  • Zlek
  • Rustam Shakirzyanov
  • Dy

Tiny Deaths  
2003 Elitist
  1. Into
  2. Planekeep - The Crypt
  3. Fevered
  4. Dawn
  5. Trust This
  6. Edge
  7. Horizon
  8. Vicious Life
  9. June 3
  10. Just Another Lament
  11. Tiny Deaths
  • Zlek
  • Rustam Shakirzyanov
  • Dy

Ars Compilata  
  1. Les Arts Fauches
  2. What They Seek
  3. Ars Compilata
  4. November (Die Phobien Angst)
  5. Lineage
  6. Emphaty Mire
  7. Indoctrination
  8. Inner You
  9. 93 Shattered Runes
  10. MDB
  11. Not Again!
  12. Eddie's High
  • Zlek
  • Rustam Shakirzyanov
  • Kjord Marguellas
  • Andreas Arshakuni

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