Origin: Lisbon, Portugal  
Last update/review: July 26, 2015


Re:Aktor jumped on the so-called "cyber-metal" bandwagon, mixing hard metal with shades of industrial and nu-metal influences (making them clearly a child of Fear Factory in spirit, though they aren't the closest soundalike). On 2003's Zero Order, one might hear bits and pieces of Rammstein, Static-X, and Raunchy, among others. The musicianship is fine, the production crisp, almost sterile, appropriate for the music, though perhaps it takes a bit of the power away from the songs. The band changed some membership and modified their name to just Reaktor, but broke up before ever recording again.

Last Lineup

Rad (Rui Duarte)


Nexion (Carlos)

guitars (ex-Sirius)

D-Void (Pedro Ferreira)


Ca2 (Cato Bekkevold)

drums (ex-Enslaved, ex-Red Harvest, Sarke)


Zero Order  
2003 Nuclear Blast
  1. Zero Order
  2. My Own Fear
  3. Damage Zone
  4. See
  5. Stellarator
  6. Sektor X-Lr8
  7. Disclosure
  8. Impact
  9. Datascape Assembler
  10. As>D
  11. Out There
  • Rad
  • Nexion
  • D-Void
  • Ca2

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