Origin: Limburg, Netherlands  
Genres: Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: September 1, 2015
Last update/review: September 29, 2016


ReVamp was formed by vocalist Floor Jansen in 2010, after her previous band (After Forever) called it a day a year earlier. The self-titled debut is really a solo project with a bevy of guest musicians, but Jansen turned up the ante on 2013's Wild Card, recruiting a proper band alongside more special guest appearances. This is still her project and vision, though, and what a vision it is. She's long been one of the best operatic vocalists in metal, but she outdoes herself here, mixing in power metal vocals and even some growls alongside her outstanding operatic style. The music ranges from symphonic/gothic metal to progressive to power metal, with a grandiose feel that somehow avoids being overblown. Jansen got the call to join Nightwish in 2012, and inevitably the strain of trying to front two full-time bands was too much, as she disbanded ReVamp in September 2016.

Last Lineup

Floor Jansen

vocals (ex-After Forever, Nightwish)

Jord Otto

guitars (Vuur)

Arjan Rijnen

guitars (┬íPendejo!)

Ruben Wijga


Matthias Landes

drums (ex-Dark Fortress, Noneuclid)

Former Members/Guests

Waldemar Sorychta (guest)

guitars/bass (ex-Despair, ex-Eyes Of Eden, Enemy Of The Sun, ex-Grip Inc., guest for Moonspell, ex-Voodoocult)

Koen Herfst (guest)

drums (ex-Dew-Scented)


2010 Nuclear Blast
  1. Here's My Hell
  2. Head Up High
  3. Sweet Curse
  4. Million
  5. In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: All Goodbyes Are Said
  6. Break
  7. In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: Disdain
  8. In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: Disgraced
  9. Kill Me with Silence
  10. Fast Forward
  11. The Trial of Monsters
  12. Under My Skin
  13. I Lost Myself
  • Floor Jansen
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Koen Herfst

Wild Card  
2013 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: On the Sideline
  2. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: The Limbic System
  3. Wild Card
  4. Precibus
  5. Nothing
  6. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: Neurasthenia
  7. Distorted Lullabies
  8. Amendatory
  9. I Can Become
  10. Misery's No Crime
  11. Wolf and Dog
  • Floor Jansen
  • Jord Otto
  • Arjan Rijnen
  • Ruben Wijga
  • Matthias Landes

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