Origin: USA  
Genres: Christian Metal
Page online: January 24, 2005
Last update/review: January 24, 2005


The Christian band Sardonyx managed just one album in their career, that being Majestic Serenity, released in 1994. An adventurous power metal album with shades of progressive and thrash elements, the album lacked in production and wasn't well known due to being on a tiny label, but it was well received at the time. Many years later (2002 or thereabouts) the band was reported as working together again in some capacity.

Last Lineup

Tom Denlinger


Rod Feltman


Kevin Bradley


Chuck Turner


Jeff King

keyboards (Believer, ex-Fountain Of Tears)

Michael Anthony



Majestic Serenity  
1994 Lightshine
  1. Puppet of Beauty
  2. Paracletos
  3. Corridor to Light
  4. Short But Suite: Opus in D Flat
  5. Royal Honor
  6. Heavenly Throne
  7. Ft. Drum
  8. Holy Avenger
  9. Call Upon the Master
  10. Voice of the Prodigal
  11. Liar

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