Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: May 4, 2017

Skull Fist

This Canadian band plays a decidedly retro brand of 80's speed/power metal. There's energy and exuberance, though it's also a bit safe, with a rather pristine production and overly clear high-pitched vocals. It's been said countless times before and it bears repeating -- bands like this are clearly not out to change the world, and there's a definitely been-there-done-that feel with songs like "Call Of The Wild" or "Don't Stop The Fight", but 80's completists, or those just getting into this style of music, might find Skull Fist to their liking. As of this writing (summer 2015), founder Zach Slaughter has left the band, officially putting the band status as inactive.

Current Members

Zach Slaughter (Zack Schottler)


Jonny Nesta


Casey Slade


J.J. Tartaglia


Former Members/Guests

Sir Shred (Ken Neilson)


Alison Thunderland


Chris Stephenson (guest)

drums (ex-Cauldron)


Heavier Than Metal  EP
  1. Sign of the Warrior
  2. Heavier Than Metal
  3. Blackout
  4. Ride the Beast
  5. No False Metal
  • Zach Slaughter
  • Sir Shred
  • Alison Thunderland

Head Of The Pack  
2011 NoiseArt
  1. Head of the Pack
  2. Ride the Beast
  3. Commanding the Night
  4. Get Fisted
  5. Cold Night
  6. Tear Down the Wall
  7. Commit to Rock
  8. Ride On
  9. Like a Fox
  10. No False Metal
  11. Attack Attack (Tokyo Blade cover)
  • Zach Slaughter
  • Jonny Nesta
  • Casey Slade
  • Alison Thunderland

Chasing The Dream  
2014 NoiseArt
  1. Hour to Live
  2. Bad for Good
  3. Chasing the Dream
  4. Call of the Wild
  5. Sign of the Warrior
  6. You're Gonna Pay
  7. Don't Stop the Fight
  8. Shred's Not Dead
  9. Mean Street Rider
  • Zach Slaughter
  • Jonny Nesta
  • Casey Slade
  • Chris Stephenson

Way Of The Road  
2018 NoiseArt
  1. You Belong to Me
  2. No More Running
  3. I Am a Slave
  4. Witch Hunt
  5. Way on the Road
  6. Heart of Rio
  7. Better Late Than Lever
  8. Don't Cross Me
  9. Stay True
  • Zach Slaughter
  • Jonny Nesta
  • Casey Slade
  • J.J. Tartaglia

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