Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: Instrumental, Death Metal
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Page online: April 30, 2008
Last update/review: October 4, 2015

Sleep Terror

Sleep Terror is one of only two bands to slot into the odd category of instrumental death metal, the other being Sclera (coincidentally, both are one-man groups). While the term seems a bit contradictory, give a cursory listen to Probing Tranquility, the debut album for this (now) one-man band, and instrumental death metal, of a highly technical nature, is what comes to mind. The riffs are twisted and ever-changing, with occasional jazzy interludes (another tie-in with other tech death metal bands), and like other extreme technical bands, the songs themselves are really an afterthought. The (programmed) drums are pretty good for a drum machine, though a real drummer (he or she would have to be a good one) could add an extra punch to the proceedings. Luke Jaeger is certainly an accomplished guitarist, and its his dexterity that is really the band's selling point. Others have correctly named Behold The Arctopus as a similar group, and one could also name other tech death bands like, say, Necrophagist, as soundalikes.

Current Members

Luke Jaeger

all instruments


Ascetic Meditation  EP
  1. Hypersomnia Rationale
  2. Sovereignty Through Abstinence
  3. Vauge Sentiments Unveil
  4. Ascetic Meditation

Paraphile  EP
  1. Ginsu Frenzy
  2. Orthodontic Shovel
  3. Autoerotic Spy
  4. Amaxophobia
  5. Lattice Of Advanced Paranoia
  6. Cadaverous Eyes
  7. Meager Apparatus
  8. Tables Turned Crimson

Probing Tranquility  
  1. Overture
  2. Vague Sentiments Unveil
  3. Amaxophobia
  4. Somnambulist Pedophile
  5. Probing Tranquility
  6. Diurnal Enuresis
  7. Ginsu Frenzy
  8. Hypersomnia Rationale
  9. Autoerotic Spy
  10. Primordial Void
  11. Androgynous Charade
  12. Dysrhythmic Vexation
  13. Tables Turned Crimson
  14. Hypnogogic Qualm
  15. Ascetic Meditation
  • Luke Jaeger

The Cuts 2004-2010  COMPILATION
  1. Unihemispheria
  2. Dipsomaniacal Chronotherapy
  3. Anabolic Salvation
  4. Postherpetic Neuralgia
  5. Circadial Retrograde
  6. Diurnal Enuresis
  7. Xmas Medley
  8. Hypersomnia Rationale
  9. Androgynous Charade
  10. Vague Sentiments Unveil
  11. Ascetic Meditation
  12. Probing Tranquility
  13. Ginsu Frenzy
  14. Dysrhythmic Vexation
  15. Hypogogic Qualm
  16. Prodromal Nocturia

  1. Unihemispheria
  2. Anabolic Salvation
  3. Idiopathic Psychogenesis
  4. Bruxist
  5. Dual Proprioception
  6. Somatoform Vortex
  7. Hypnogogic Qualm
  8. Diurnal Enuresis
  9. Probing Tranquility
  10. Dipsomaniacal Chronotherapy
  11. Hypersomnia Rationale
  12. Somnambulistic Pedophile
  13. Prodromal Nocturia

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