Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: July 24, 2004
Last update/review: April 25, 2015


An unusual signing for the Black Mark label, Southfork released two enjoyable stoner/psychedelic metal albums in 1999 and 2001, staying relatively true to the genre. Perhaps because they were a black sheep of a label dedicated to other genres, the band didn't get a lot of publicity, though the albums were well done.

Last Lineup

Gunnar Lööf


Henrik Bergqvist


Tomas Thorberg


Sebastian Soppola


Former Members/Guests

Anders Fastader



1999 Black Mark
  1. Space Revolution
  2. Stray Dog
  3. Superglue
  4. Walk New Worlds
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Man Made Of Stone
  7. One Way Freeway
  8. Spitfire
  9. Graceland Boogie
  10. Far Beyond
  • Gunnar Lööf
  • Henrik Bergqvist
  • Anders Fastader
  • Sebastian Soppola

Straight Ahead  
2001 Black Mark
  1. Blame It On Me
  2. Overlord
  3. Perfect
  4. When I'm Done
  5. By Your Side
  6. A Different Kind
  7. Ride Of Your Life
  8. Nothing To Say
  9. Evocation Blues
  • Gunnar Lööf
  • Henrik Bergqvist
  • Tomas Thorberg
  • Sebastian Soppola

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