Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: April 25, 2015

Spiral Tower

Named for the Psychotic Waltz song (an early influence of the band), Spiral Tower's history traces back to the early nineties and a quintet who recorded a demo under the name Variety Of Arts and later an album as Tragedy Divine. After that album, the group splintered, with two of the members forming the less progressive, more traditional metal band Sacred Steel, and the remaining three recruiting new members and forming Spiral Tower. The 2000 album, Mindkiller, is a solid power metal album with some progressive tendencies (though not to the extent of their former influence Psychotic Waltz), with a sound that's far more rooted in American metal than their German counterparts. Vocalist Alex Koch has a powerful midrange voice well suited to the songs, and in general the music is classy, aggressive, powerful, and the right mix of progressive elements (i.e. fine musicianship without over-indulgence). Though Mindkiller was a fine debut, unfortunately the band never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Alexander Koch

vocals (ex-Winters Bane)

Sven Podgurski

guitars (Doomshine, ex-Tragedy Divine)

Andreas Konstandaras


Bernhard Altmann

bass (ex-Tragedy Divine)

Frank Zube

drums (ex-Tragedy Divine)


2000 Massacre
  1. The Eyes Of The Blind
  2. The Martyr Is Dead
  3. Messenger From God
  4. On The Wings Of An Eagle
  5. Tired Faces
  6. Lord Of The Shadow
  7. Heartkiller
  8. Looking Down On The Moon
  9. Execute In Excuse
  10. Feel The Fears
  • Alexander Koch
  • Sven Podgurski
  • Andreas Konstandaras
  • Bernhard Altmann
  • Frank Zube

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