Origin: Lansing, Michigan, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Page online: September 27, 2004
Last update/review: May 10, 2005

Summer Dying

Summer Dying released two self-financed albums, strongly influenced by the Gothenburg melodic death metal style, with shouted hardcore vocals (somewhat samey, though powerful). The last two years of so has seen this style of metal run rampant both in the US as well as Europe and even beyond, but these guys perform as well as any. Despite the fact that the band was seemlingly on the rise, they announced their breakup in February 2005, with several members pursuing new projects.

Last Lineup

Kerry Cripe


Briant Daniel

lead guitar

Tony Oliver

guitars/backing vocals

Ben Harris


Former Members/Guests

Tim Lydon


Bobby Bryant



Beyond The Darkness Within  
2002 self-released
  1. Friend or Foe
  2. Final Day
  3. Tears of the Fallen
  4. Failure
  5. Forever Lost
  6. Broken Soul
  7. The Beauty of Holding Nothing
  • Kerry Cripe
  • Tim Lydon
  • Tony Oliver
  • Bobby Bryant
  • Ben Harris

One Last Taste Of Temptation  
2003 self-released
  1. A Fragile World
  2. Trials of Life
  3. One Last Taste of Temptation
  4. The Clenching: Dawn of Man
  5. Like Icarus
  6. Holding On
  7. As We Rust
  8. Story For Eternity
  9. Cold Hands, Shattered Dreams
  10. Eternal Sleep
  11. My Last Goodbye
  • Kerry Cripe
  • Briant Daniel
  • Tony Oliver
  • Ben Harris

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