Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal
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Page online: February 5, 2009
Last update/review: January 20, 2020


Strega, the debut album by one SubRosa, arrived in 2008 and presented itself as somewhat of an oddity, for several reasons, what with the interesting band name and odd album title, and, really, how many bands can be described as "all-female sludgey stoner-doom from Utah"? So, yes, this was a bit different, with clear nods to bands such as Kyuss but with a darker, moodier bent, heightened by the mournful, PJ Harvey-like vocals. It didn't all work, as some of the experimentations didn't quite hit the mark, but at times ("Black Joan" and the title track, to name two favorites) they hit just the right chord of psychedelic stoner doomy heaviness. They continued on for several years with a mutating lineup (in the end they were neither all-female nor all-Utah), finally deciding to amicably part ways in 2019. The majority of the final lineup later became The Otolith.

Last Lineup

Kim Cordray

vocals (The Otolith)

Rebecca Vernon


Levi Hanna

bass (The Otolith)

Sarah Pendleton

violin/vocals (The Otolith)

Andy Patterson

drums (ex-Insect Ark, The Otolith)

Former Members/Guests

Leena Rinne


Rachel Hatsis


Dave Jones


Christian Creek


Bonie Shupe


Zach Hatsis



2008 I Hate
  1. Sugar Creek
  2. Crucible
  3. Christine
  4. Strega
  5. Isaac
  6. Black Joan
  7. The Hours I Keep
  8. Go Down Moses
  9. How To Neglect Your Heart
  10. Self-Rule
  11. Cradles
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Leena Rinne
  • Sarah Pendleton
  • Bonie Shupe

Trapped In Ice  EP
  1. Sexual Collateral
  2. Dark Country
  3. Attack on Golden Mountain
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Rachel Hatsis
  • Sarah Pendleton
  • Zach Hatsis

No Help For The Mighty Ones  
2011 Profound Lore
  1. Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes
  2. Beneath the Crown
  3. Stonecarver
  4. The Inheritance
  5. Attack on Golden Mountain
  6. Whippoorwill
  7. House Carpenter
  8. Dark Country
  • Kim Cordray
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Dave Jones
  • Sarah Pendleton
  • Zach Hatsis

More Constant Than The Gods  
2013 Profound Lore
  1. The Usher
  2. Ghosts of a Dead Empire
  3. Cosey Mo
  4. Fat of the Ram
  5. Affliction
  6. No Safe Harbor
  • Kim Cordray
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Christian Creek
  • Sarah Pendleton
  • Andy Patterson

For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages  
2016 Profound Lore
  1. Despair Is a Siren
  2. Wound of the Warden
  3. Black Majesty
  4. Il cappio
  5. Killing Rapture
  6. Troubled Cells
  • Kim Cordray
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Levi Hanna
  • Sarah Pendleton
  • Andy Patterson

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