Origin: Athens, Greece  
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Page online: April 30, 2008
Last update/review: April 25, 2015

Swan Christy

This interesting Greek band recorded for the Black Lotus label from 1998 to 2005. The only album reviewed here is their third, 2001's Black Is The White Color. Black slots vaguely in the gothic metal genre, but they aren't as heavy-handed as many in that field, going for a more relaxed, accessible sound -- perhaps dark rock/metal is a better term for this band. By all accounts the band underwent a major style change on their later albums Julian and A Decent Album, veering into jazzy experimentalism. Eventually, while working on their next album A Band Apart, they felt they'd strayed far enough from the original Swan Christy focus, and so A Band Apart became the new band name as well as that band's debut.

Last Lineup

Kostas Makris


Spiros Pagiatakis


Dimitris Georgiou


Iraklis Gialantsides

keyboards (guest for Necromantia)

Former Members/Guests

Grigoris Vasilopoulos


Dimitris Panagiotopoulos


Giorgos Pavladis



One With The Swan  
1998 Black Lotus
  1. The Beginning
  2. What Hell Starts
  3. Meaning Of Life
  4. Fargo
  5. World Is My Oyster
  6. One With The Swan
  7. Time Goes By
  8. Dismemory
  9. Payday
  10. Nevermore For Evermore
  11. Patience
  12. Hide In The Shadows
  13. The Ending In Heaven

Today Died Yesterday  
1999 Black Lotus
  1. Today Died Yesterday
  2. Resurrection If Possible
  3. One Foot In The Grave
  4. Here Comes ... I
  5. My Home (Away From Home)
  6. No More Everything
  7. Night Flower
  8. The Benefactor

Seven Is Enough  EP
2001 Black Lotus
  1. Seven Is Enough
  2. Because A Motherfucker Said So
  3. Seven Isn't Enough (Feminine Edition)
  • Kostas Makris
  • Grigoris Vasilopoulos
  • Dimitris Panagiotopoulos
  • Iraklis Gialantsides
  • Giorgos Pavladis

Black Is The White Color  
2001 Black Lotus
  1. Because a Motherfucker Said So
  2. Cast in Tears
  3. 8?
  4. Enough of White
  5. Seven is Enough
  6. Salt Penetration
  7. Fuck Them
  8. I Am in Hate With an Alien
  9. Wish You Were Dead
  10. Love It or Hate Me
  • Kostas Makris
  • Spiros Pagiatakis
  • Dimitris Georgiou
  • Iraklis Gialantsides

2003 Black Lotus
  1. Comedy/Drama
  2. Second Opinion
  3. But...That Was Before
  4. Great Day, Great Day
  5. Pure Inspiration
  6. Old Man's Ego
  7. Julian Just Died
  8. Sense And Possibilities
  9. The Audition
  • Kostas Makris
  • Spiros Pagiatakis
  • Dimitris Georgiou
  • Iraklis Gialantsides

A Decent Album  
2005 Black Lotus
  1. Rehearsal Recording
  2. Who Knows?
  3. Gently Rated
  4. Kaufman's Memory Banks
  5. Shallow You, Shallow Me
  6. Gravity Change
  7. Inward Look
  8. My Sentimental Fiend
  9. Your Name
  10. Shame
  11. Stupid Achievement

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