Origin: New Jersey, USA  
Last update/review: September 22, 2003

System Addict

System Addict is one of many bands in the Hades family tree. Formed in 1990 after the initial breakup of Hades, the band showed some promise with the Sickness And Wealth EP, with the first song resembling a slower, less thrashy Hades, and the remaining tracks branching off in different directions, resulting in an interesting release. Unfortunately the band couldn't keep it together, and with public and label interest waning, they finally gave up in 1995.

Last Lineup



Ed Fuhrman

guitars (ex-Hades)

Damon Trotta

bass (ex-Non-Fiction)

Mike Watt

drums (ex-Power)


Sickness And Wealth  EP
1992 independent
  1. At Himself
  2. His N Hers
  3. Neutral Spirits
  4. Lost In Connecticut
  • Sunshine
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Damon Trotta
  • Mike Watt

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