Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: April 16, 2007

Terror 2000

Featuring members from the death metal bands Darkane and Soilwork, Terror 2000 plays speedy, modern thrash, somewhat along the lines of The Crown. There's not much room for melody or pacing here, as most of the songs fly by at the speed of light, with Bjorn Strid's hoarse, semi-death vocals (not the old-school style, more like the modern Swedish style) over the top, the kind of stuff that leaves the listener breathless with all the thrashing about. Not terribly original, but quite entertaining.

Last Lineup

Björn Strid

vocals (Act Of Denial, ex-Coldseed, ex-Disarmonia Mundi, The Night Flight Orchestra, Soilwork)

Nick Sword


Klas Ideberg

guitars (Darkane, guest for Hypocrisy)

Dan Svensson


Erik Thyselius

drums (ex-Construcdead, ex-Face Down)

Former Members/Guests

Henry Ranta

drums (ex-Soilwork)


Slaughterhouse Supremacy  
  1. Intro-Terror in Time
  2. Son of a Gun, Daughter of a Slaughter
  3. Agents of Decadence
  4. Burn Bitch Burn
  5. Slaughterhouse Supremacy
  6. Firebolt
  7. Crypt of Decay
  8. Terror 2000
  9. Elimination Complete
  • Björn Strid
  • Nick Sword
  • Klas Ideberg
  • Henry Ranta

Faster Disaster  
2002 Scarlet
  1. Back With Attack
  2. Formula Flame Feast
  3. Headrush
  4. Infernal Outlaw
  5. Burn-Out In Blood
  6. Faster Disaster
  7. Menace Of Brutality
  8. Stalkers In The Night
  9. I´m Speed At Night
  10. Killing Machine
  • Björn Strid
  • Nick Sword
  • Klas Ideberg
  • Erik Thyselius

Slaughter In Japan - Live 2003  
2003 Scarlet
  1. Intro
  2. Son Of A Gun, Daughter Of...
  3. Faster Disaster
  4. Slaughterhouse Supremacy
  5. Back With Attack
  6. Menace Of Brutality
  7. Firebolt
  8. Burn Out In Blood
  9. (You're The) Devil In Disguise
  10. Terror 2000
  • Björn Strid
  • Nick Sword
  • Klas Ideberg
  • Erik Thyselius

Terror For Sale  
2005 Nuclear Blast
  1. Five Star Prison
  2. Metal Mosh Massacre
  3. Cheap Thrills
  4. King Kong Song
  5. Wrath Of The Cookie Monster
  6. Satans Barbecue
  7. Flesh Fever Fiesta
  8. Liquor Saved Me From Sports
  9. Fed Up Anthem
  10. Mummy Metal For The Masses
  11. Stattena T[h]rash
  12. Bloody Blues Blaster
  13. Dishwasher Demon (bonus track)
  • Björn Strid
  • Nick Sword
  • Klas Ideberg
  • Dan Svensson
  • Erik Thyselius

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