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Tau Cross

The cult punk/metal band Amebix led a chaotic life, actually a pair of lives, with their main run in the 80's and then a rebirth around 2008. After releasing an album in 2012, the band is apparently done for good, but one of the main guys there (Rob Miller, better known as The Baron) had plans for a new band, and thus we have Tau Cross. The group pairs Miller with an interesting choice in Voivod drummer Away, along with two guitarists to complete the lineup. Tau Cross, the debut album, arrived in 2015, and it's quite impressive, blending Miller's earlier punky roots with a solid metal base and a good deal of originality. There are shades of Killing Joke here, particularly during some of the more rhythmic numbers, but aside from that, comparisons are difficult to come by. Miller's punky, raspy vocals are a defining characteristic, giving the band a distinctive edge that is just not heard often these days. In some ways one might see this as a continuation of Amebix, but Miller clearly wanted to start afresh, and Tau Cross stands tall as a solid metal/punk record.

Recent album: Messengers Of Deception, released on August 9, 2019.

Current Members

Rob Miller

bass/vocals (Amebix)

Jon Misery


Andy Lefton


Tom Radio


James Adams


Michel Langevin

drums (ex-Kosmos, Voivod)


Tau Cross  
2015 Relapse
  1. Lazarus
  2. Fire in the Sky
  3. Stonecracker
  4. Midsummer
  5. Hangmans Hyll
  6. We Control the Fear
  7. You People
  8. Prison
  9. Sons of the Soil
  10. The Lie
  11. Our Day
  12. The Devil Knows His Own
  • Rob Miller
  • Jon Misery
  • Andy Lefton
  • Michel Langevin

A Pillar Of Fire  
2017 Relapse
  1. Raising Golem
  2. Bread And Circuses
  3. On The Water
  4. Deep State
  5. Pillar Of Fire
  6. Killing The King
  7. A White Horse
  8. The Big House
  9. RFID
  10. Seven Wheels
  11. What Is A Man
  12. Three Down (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)
  13. We Are The Terror (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)
  14. In Time (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)
  • Rob Miller
  • Jon Misery
  • Andy Lefton
  • Tom Radio
  • James Adams
  • Michel Langevin

Messengers Of Deception  
2019 Relapse
  1. Yaldabaoth
  2. Hollow Earth
  3. Black Cadillac
  4. The Sidhe
  5. VOTL
  6. Messengers Of Deception
  7. The Red Shield
  8. Burn With Me
  9. Drowning The God
  10. Night Of Stars
  11. Three Tides (Or The Trial And Execution Of Pyrat John Belamie And Sea Wytch Annabel Green)
  12. Sorrow Draws The Plough
  • Rob Miller
  • Jon Misery
  • Andy Lefton
  • Tom Radio
  • James Adams
  • Michel Langevin

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