Origin: Maryland, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: November 5, 2003


The origins of Tension go back as far as 1978, when Tom Gaddis and Marty Friedman (yes, that Marty Friedman) formed a band called Deuce. In the next few years Deuce gained a fanatical following in the Maryland area for their energetic shows. Friedman left in 1981, moving to Hawaii, where he'd eventually form a band also called Hawaii. Deuce kept going, eventually signing to the upstart Torrid record label, and at that time changed name to Tension as the Deuce name had been claimed by another band. Breaking Point was eventually released to strong reviews and is considered one of the better early thrash albums of the eighties. But the band would not last long, as differences of opinion over their future direction caused founder Gattis to leave, and the band folded shortly thereafter. Gattis eventually formed another band, Wardog, and has since formed yet another band, Ballistic, reuniting him with Tension bassist Tim O'Connor.

Last Lineup

Tom Gattis

vocals (ex-Ballistic, ex-Wardog)

Timmy Meadows


Tim O'Connor

bass (ex-Ballistic)

Billy Giddings



Breaking Point  
1986 Torrid
  1. One Nation
  2. Wrecking Crew
  3. Reach For Your Sword
  4. Angels From The Past
  5. W.O.C.
  6. Shock Treatment
  7. The Downfall Of Evil
  8. Metal Paranoia
  9. Seduced
  • Tom Gattis
  • Timmy Meadows
  • Tim O'Connor
  • Billy Giddings

Epitaph (re-recordings/unreleased)  
1997 self-financed
  1. One Nation Underground
  2. Wrecking Crew
  3. Reach For Your Sword
  4. Angels From The Past
  5. Walk Of The Cadaver
  6. Shock Treatment
  7. Downfall OF Evil
  8. Metal Paranoia
  9. Seduced
  10. Dark Sunrise
  11. Death Sentence
  12. Rest In Pieces
  13. The Mesa Haunting
  14. Metal For Muthas
  15. I'm Saved

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