Origin: Finland  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: April 14, 2003

Thy Serpent

Thy Serpent was originally a solo project of guitarist Sami Tenetz, and in fact was still a one-man show even after being signed to Spinefarm -- only then did Tenetz recruit a popular lineup. Christcrusher is the band's most well-known release, a pretty good moody black metal album. Tenetz was quoted as saying the band would never play live, but a few gigs were played in 1999. Little has been heard from since 2000's Death MCD.

Last Lineup

Sami Tenetz

guitars (ex-Beherit)

Tomi Ullgren




Teemu Laitinen

drums (ex-Divercia, ex-Throne Of Chaos)

Former Members/Guests






Forests Of Witchery  
1996 Spinefarm
  1. Flower of witchery abloom
  2. Of darkness and light
  3. A traveller of unknown plains
  4. Only dust moves...
  5. Like a funeral veil of melancholy
  6. Wine from tears
  • Sami Tenetz
  • Azhemin
  • Luopio
  • Agathon

Lords Of Twilight  
1997 Spinefarm
  1. Prometheus unbound
  2. The forest of BlÄkulla
  3. Ode to the witches (Part III)
  4. In the blackened dreams
  5. As mist descends from the hills
  6. Unknown
  7. Epic torment
  8. In blackened dreams (Unreleased version)
  9. Ode to the witches (Part IV)
  • Sami Tenetz
  • Azhemin
  • Luopio
  • Agathon

1998 Nuclear Blast
  1. Chambers of the starwatcher
  2. Curtain of treachery
  3. Thou bade nothingness
  4. So free are the wolves
  5. Circle of pain
  6. Christcrusher
  7. Crystalmoors
  8. Calm blinking
  • Sami Tenetz
  • Azhemin
  • Agathon

Death  EP
2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. Deathbearer
  2. Wounds of death
  3. Sleep in oblivion
  4. Parasites
  • Sami Tenetz
  • Tomi Ullgren
  • Azhemin
  • Teemu Laitinen

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