Origin: Hamilton, Canada  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Metalcore
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Page online: October 5, 2007
Last update/review: December 1, 2017

Threat Signal

Threat Signal is one of several bands blurring the line between modern technical thrash and metalcore with their Nuclear Blast debut, Under Reprisal. Their sound is strongly influenced by bands such as Meshuggah and especially Fear Factory (perhaps due in part to FF guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers producing Under Reprisal), with faint industrial touches augmenting their technical aggro-thrash style. Vocalist Jon Howard sticks with the basics of metalcore singing, meaning vicious screams and yells throughout, mixed with clean chorus singing. This isn't a groundbreaking band at this point, but this style is riding high right now and Threat Signal execute well.

Current Members

Jon Howard

vocals (Arkaea)

Travis Montgomery


Chris Feener


Pat Kavanagh

bass (Arkaea)

Former Members/Guests

Kyle McKnight


Adam Weber


Rich Howard


Marco Bressette


George Parfitt


Norm Killeen

drums RIP: August 25, 2016

Alex Rudinger


Andrew Minarik (guest)



Under Reprisal  
2006 Nuclear Blast
  1. Rational Eyes
  2. As I Destruct
  3. One Last Breath
  4. Seeing Red
  5. A New Beginning
  6. Counterbalance
  7. Inane
  8. Now
  9. Faceless
  10. Haunting
  11. When All Is Said And Done
  • Jon Howard
  • Kyle McKnight
  • Rich Howard
  • Marco Bressette
  • George Parfitt

2009 Nuclear Blast
  1. Afterlife
  2. Through My Eyes
  3. The Beginning Of The End
  4. United We Stand
  5. Beyond Recognition
  6. Another Source Of Light
  7. Hate Machine
  8. Severed
  9. Lost
  10. Revision
  11. In Repair
  12. Escape From Reality
  13. To Remember
  • Jon Howard
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Adam Weber
  • Pat Kavanagh
  • Norm Killeen

Threat Signal  
2011 Nuclear Blast
  1. Uncensored
  2. Comatose
  3. New World Order
  4. Trust in None
  5. Face the Day
  6. Fallen Disciples
  7. Disposition
  8. Death Before Dishonor
  9. Buried Alive
  10. Resistance (bonus track)
  • Jon Howard
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Chris Feener
  • Pat Kavanagh
  • Alex Rudinger

2017 Agonia
  1. Elimination Process
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Walking Alone
  4. Exit the Matrix
  5. Falling Apart
  6. Aura
  7. Betrayal
  8. To Thine Own Self Be True
  9. Dimensions
  10. Terminal Madness
  • Jon Howard
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Pat Kavanagh
  • Andrew Minarik

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