Origin: London, England  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: January 13, 2020

Tank (Algy Ward version)

Note: as of this writing, there are two active Tank factions. This page describes the Algy Ward-led version, while the Cliff Evans/Mick Tucker version can be found at Tank (Tucker/Evans version) and the original band lineage is at Tank.

Algy Ward returned to the metal world with a new Tank album in 2013, writing and playing all instruments on Breath Of The Pit. A followup album, Sturmpanzer, was in the works for years, and was finally released in 2018. It's a rather uneven effort, with a subpar production, some scattered decent ideas on a few tracks, and in general little resemblance to the Tank of yore.

Current Members

Algy Ward

vocals/all instruments (Tank, ex-Warhead)


Breath Of The Pit  
  1. Breath of the Pit
  2. T-34
  3. Kill or Be Killed
  4. Healing the Wounds of War
  5. Stalingrad (Time Is Blood)
  6. Victim
  7. Crawl Back into Your Hole
  8. Retribution
  9. Conflict Primeval
  10. Circle of Willis
  • Algy Ward

  1. Sturmpanzer (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. March
  3. No More War
  4. Two thousand Miles
  5. Lianne's CryinG
  6. First They Killed Her Father
  7. Living In Fear Of God
  8. Which Part Of Fuck Off Don't You Understand?
  9. The Last Soldier
  10. Revenge Of The Filth Hounds
  11. Fur Reich Und Fatherland
  • Algy Ward

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