Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Power Metal
Last update/review: September 9, 2003

Tragedy Divine

Tragedy Divine formed in 1990, originally as Valley Of Arts and with somewhat of a more progressive sound than that which eventually appeared on their only album, 1996's Visions Of Power. Visions straddles the line between progressive metal and traditional metal, borrowing from both but not quite in either camp. Inevitably this lack of a true direction broke the band apart, with two members pursuing a more traditional speed-metal approach in Sacred Steel and the remaining three turning slightly more progressive in Spiral Tower.

Last Lineup

Gerrit Mutz

vocals (Battleroar, Dawn Of Winter, Sacred Steel)

Sven Podgurski

guitars (Doomshine, ex-Spiral Tower)

Jörg Michael Knittel

bass/guitars (Dawn Of Winter, ex-Sacred Steel)

Bernhard Altmann

bass (ex-Spiral Tower)

Frank Zube

drums (ex-Spiral Tower)


Visions Of Power  
1996 Noise
  1. Die In My Dreams
  2. I Married A Witch
  3. Visions Of Power
  4. Seize Control
  5. Tyrant Shadows
  6. Veils Of Solemn Black
  7. Bleeding Crystal Tears
  8. Ritual Damnation
  9. Nightmare Reality
  10. Tragedy Divine
  • Gerrit Mutz
  • Sven Podgurski
  • Jörg Michael Knittel
  • Bernhard Altmann
  • Frank Zube

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