Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal, Black Metal
Page online: December 15, 2010
Last update/review: December 15, 2010


Trident came together in 2007 like many other bands do, with some guys who played in other bands meeting up and deciding to do something new. In short order Regain Records came calling, and the band debuted in 2010 with World Destruction. This is one of those albums that straddles the line between death and black metal, borrowing from both but not quite sounding like either, though this probably leans a touch toward modern black metal. Most of the guys have extreme metal pedigree elsewhere, so one could expect a good deal of professionalism and polish here. It's plenty ferocious, and while not terribly original, it delivers on its promise of, um, world destruction in a musical sense. Groundbreaking? Not really, but a good first effort.

Current Members

Tobias Sidegård

vocals (ex-Necrophobic)

Johan Norman

guitars (ex-Dissection, ex-Soulreaper)

Ewo Solvelius


Alex Friberg

bass (Firespawn, guest for Naglfar, ex-Necrophobic)

Jonas Blom



World Destruction  
2010 Regain
  1. The Trident
  2. Jaws of Satan (Spawns of Hell)
  3. Nemesis
  4. Black Velvet Wings
  5. Stockholm Bloodbath
  6. Luciferian Call
  7. Blackened Souls
  8. Slaves to Anguish
  9. World Destruction
  10. Mephisto
  • Tobias SidegĂ„rd
  • Johan Norman
  • Ewo Solvelius
  • Alex Friberg
  • Jonas Blom

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