Origin: Cambridge, England  
Genres: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
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Page online: December 1, 2017
Last update/review: May 10, 2024

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

The early history of this strange band with the wonderfully hippy-esque name is shrouded in some mystery, as apparently there is some doubt as to whether Uncle Acid's henchmen (or were they henchwomen?), "Kat" and "Red", ever even existed. Regardless, the Uncle himself (going by the name Kevin Starrs) has carved a nice niche for himself, blending plenty of 60's and 70's influences (this is one of the most analog bands you'll hear) with early proto-doom to great effect. The debut, 2010's Volume 1, is their most 60's-influenced album, with Starr's unique, whiny, Lennon-esque vocals inducing a demented Beatles vibe (kind of like a lo-fi version of Bigelf), while on the later efforts they've honed their quite original brand of laid-back, hazy, psychedelic, horror-tinged stoner/occult/doom. These guys probably aren't destined for superstardom, but Starrs' vision is quite unique and the band's music is interesting, strangely catchy and spooky in all the right ways.

Recent album: Nell' Ora Blu, released on May 10, 2024.

Current Members

Uncle Acid (Kevin Starrs)


Vaughn Stokes


Justin Smith

bass (ex-Purson)

Jon Rice

drums (guest for Icarus Witch, ex-Job For A Cowboy)

Former Members/Guests





Yotam Rubinger


Dean Millar


Thomas Mowforth


Itamar Rubinger



Volume 1  
  1. Crystal Spiders
  2. Witches Garden
  3. Dead Eyes of London
  4. Lonely and Strange
  5. Vampire Circus
  6. Do What Your Love Tells You
  7. I Don't Know
  8. Wind up Toys
  • Uncle Acid
  • Kat
  • Red

Blood Lust  
2011 Rise Above
  1. I'll Cut You Down
  2. Death's Door
  3. Over and Over Again
  4. Curse in the Trees
  5. I'm Here to Kill You
  6. 13 Candles
  7. Ritual Knife
  8. Withered Hand of Evil
  • Uncle Acid
  • Kat
  • Red

Mind Control  
2013 Rise Above
  1. Mt. Abraxas
  2. Mind Crawler
  3. Poison Apple
  4. Desert Ceremony
  5. Evil Love
  6. Death Valley Blues
  7. Follow the Leader
  8. Valley of the Dolls
  9. Devil's Work
  • Uncle Acid
  • Yotam Rubinger
  • Dean Millar
  • Thomas Mowforth

The Night Creeper  
2015 Rise Above
  1. Waiting for Blood
  2. Murder Nights
  3. Downtown
  4. Pusher Man
  5. Yellow Moon
  6. Melody Lane
  7. The Night Creeper
  8. Inside
  9. Slow Death
  10. Black Motorcade
  • Uncle Acid
  • Yotam Rubinger
  • Itamar Rubinger
2015 Readers' Album #32

2018 Rise Above
  1. I See Through You
  2. Shockwave City
  3. No Return
  4. Blood Runner
  5. Stranger Tonight
  6. Wasteland
  7. Bedouin
  8. Exodus
  • Uncle Acid
  • Yotam Rubinger
  • Vaughn Stokes
  • Jon Rice

Slaughter On First Avenue  LIVE
2023 Rise Above
  1. I See Through You
  2. Waiting for Blood
  3. Death's Door
  4. Shockwave City
  5. 13 Candles
  6. Dead Eyes of London
  7. Pusher Man
  8. Ritual Knife
  9. Slow Death
  10. Crystal Spiders
  11. Blood Runner
  12. Desert Ceremony
  13. I'll Cut You Down
  14. No Return

Nell' Ora Blu  
2024 Rise Above
  1. Il sole sorge sempre
  2. Giustizia di strada - Lavora fino alla morte
  3. La vipera
  4. Vendetta (Tema)
  5. La bara resterà chiusa
  6. Cocktail Party
  7. Il tesoro di Sardegna
  8. Nell' ora blu
  9. Il chiamante silenzioso
  10. Tortura al telefono
  11. Pomeriggio di novembre nel parco - Occhi che osservano
  12. Il retorno del chiamante silenzioso
  13. Solo la morte to ammanetta
  14. Il gatto morto
  15. Guidando veloce verso la campagna
  16. L'omicidio
  17. Resti umani
  18. Sorge anche il sole
  19. Ritorno all'oscurità

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