Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal, Thrash Metal
Page online: February 26, 2020
Last update/review: February 26, 2020


Vampire -- a somewhat generic name for a heavy metal band these days, but there's nothing wrong with that. Hailing from the Swedish metal mecca that is Gothenburg, the band debuted with a self-titled effort in 2014 and three years later released the potent followup, With Primevil Force. There's a good deal of genre-mixing here, with the base being riff-heavy, blackened thrash, but also containing clear traditional metal influences (Maiden-esque guitar harmonies, for one) and a shade of old school death metal aggression. It's all slightly retro, but in a good way, as there's plenty of youthful vigor to keep things from going south.

Recent album: Rex, released on June 19, 2020.

Current Members

Hand Of Doom (Lars Martinsson)

vocals (The Legion)

Black String (Joel Pälvärinne)

guitars (ex-Portrait)

Sepulchral Condor (Robin Holmberg)

guitars (Portrait)

Command (Pär Joakim Proos)


Abysmal Condor (Niklas Holmberg)


Former Members/Guests




2014 Century Media
  1. Orexis
  2. Howl from the Coffin
  3. At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse
  4. Ungodly Warlock
  5. The Bestial Abyss
  6. Black Deserts
  7. Jaws of the Unknown
  8. The Fen
  9. Cellar Grave Vampire
  10. Under the Grudge
  • Hand Of Doom
  • Black String
  • Command
  • Ratwing

Cimmerian Shade  EP
  1. Pyre of the Harvest Queen
  2. Sleeper in the Deep
  3. Night Hunter
  4. Hexahedron
  • Hand Of Doom
  • Black String
  • Sepulchral Condor
  • Command
  • Ratwing
  • Abysmal Condor

With Primeval Force  
  1. Knights of the Burning Crypt
  2. He Who Speaks
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Skull Prayer
  5. Midnight Trial
  6. Revenants
  7. Ghoul Wind
  8. Initiation Rite
  9. Scylla
  • Hand Of Doom
  • Black String
  • Sepulchral Condor
  • Command
  • Abysmal Condor

2020 Century Media
  1. Prelusion
  2. Rex
  3. Inspiritus
  4. Wiru-Akka
  5. Pandemoni
  6. Moloch
  7. Rekviem
  8. Serafim
  9. Anima
  10. Melek-Taus
  • Hand Of Doom
  • Black String
  • Sepulchral Condor
  • Command
  • Abysmal Condor

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