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Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: March 31, 2015
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Vista Chino

Almost as soon as Kyuss broke up in 1995, fans clamored for a reunion. As the members prospered in bands both new (Queens Of The Stone Age, among others) and old (Fu Manchu and Goatsnake, to name two), the rumors persisted. Finally, in 2010, three-quarters of the lineup that recorded the seminal Kyuss album Blues For The Red Sun (John Garcia, Nick Oliveri, and Brant Bjork -- the holdout being Josh Homme) got together and started touring under the banner Kyuss Lives!. Homme eventually got wind of this and wanted to put a stop to using the name, and eventually the new group became Vista Chino. 2013 saw the release of the debut album, Peace. Many bands over the years have co-opted that signature desert rock sound that Kyuss made famous, and several of them may sound more like Kyuss than these guys, but in many respects this is pretty much what one would expect from these guys a decade later. John Garcia has always been the prototypical stoner rock vocalist, and he's in top form here as one would hope. New guitarist Bruno Fevery doesn't try to copy Homme, but nor does he stray too far from the style, fitting in quite nicely. For all intents and purposes, this really is Kyuss reborn.

Current Members

John Garcia

vocals (ex-Hermano, ex-Kyuss, ex-Slo Burn, Unida)

Bruno Fevery


Nick Oliveri

bass (ex-Kyuss, ex-Masters Of Reality, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age, Stöner)

Brant Bjork

drums (ex-Fu Manchu, ex-Kyuss, Stöner)


2013 Napalm
  1. Good Morning Wasteland
  2. Dargona Dragona
  3. Sweet Remain
  4. As You Wish
  5. Planets 1 & 2
  6. Adara
  7. Mas Vino
  8. Dark and Lovely
  9. Barcelonian
  10. Acidize ...The Gambling Moose
  11. Carnation
  12. Sunlight at Midnight
  • John Garcia
  • Bruno Fevery
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Brant Bjork
2013 Readers' Album #91

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