Origin: Alameda, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: October 16, 2009
Last update/review: November 4, 2012


Dave Starr is known in metal circles as a longtime bassist for Vicious Rumors. Though he left that band long ago (making a brief re-appearance in 2006 on the Warball album), he's had the metal itch for some time, and finally decided to do his own thing, tackling both guitars and bass. He met one London Wilde in the studio, and (as the story goes) initially meant to recruit her as a keyboardist only, but wisely changed his mind once he heard her voice. At that point, WildeStarr the name and band kicked into high gear, finally resulting in Arrival in 2009. Starr's old band is a logical initial comparison when describing WildeStarr's sound -- this is classic traditional metal, not particularly modern nor a dated retro sound either, accessible without pandering to commercialism. And, indeed, London Wilde is a find, possessing a soaring, powerful voice (press releases point to Evanescence as a soundalike, which might be true from a vocal standpoint, though that band's style differs greatly from what's on display here). Starr himself proves to be a fine guitarist, steady without being overindulgent. Clearly his experience in metal works to the band's advantage, as there is a maturity on display that isn't often found on debut albums. Classy, heavy, melodic, powerful hard rock/metal -- that's Arrival in a nutshell.

Current Members

London Wilde


Dave Starr

guitars/bass (ex-Chastain, ex-Vicious Rumors)

Josh Foster


Former Members/Guests

Jim Hawthorne



2009 Furnace Max.
  1. Rose in the Dark
  2. Arrival
  3. Touching God
  4. Rise
  5. Down of the Sun
  6. In this World
  7. Generation Next
  8. Nevermore
  9. Voice in the Silence
  10. The Chain
  • London Wilde
  • Dave Starr
  • Jim Hawthorne

A Tell Tale Heart  
2012 Scarlet
  1. Immortal
  2. Transformis Ligeia
  3. A Perfect Storm
  4. Valkyrie Cry
  5. Last Holy King
  6. In Staccata
  7. Not Sane
  8. Seven Shades of Winter
  9. The Pit or the Pendulum
  10. Usher in the Twilight
  • London Wilde
  • Dave Starr
  • Josh Foster

Beyond The Rain  
  1. Metamorphose
  2. Beyond The Rain
  3. Pressing The Wires
  4. Red
  5. Down Cold
  6. Rage And Water
  7. Crimson Fifths
  8. Undersold
  9. From Shadow
  10. When The Night Falls
  • London Wilde
  • Dave Starr
  • Josh Foster

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