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Last update/review: February 8, 2015


Wytchfynde is the band founded by former Witchfynde vocalist Luther Beltz, appearing not coincidentally around the same time that his former band reunited. Apparently some animosity existed, and may still exist, between Beltz and his old mates, the details of which aren't really clear. In any case, despite the name similarity, Wytchfynde is intended to be a fresh start and not a continuation of Witchfynde, which brings us to their album, The Awakening. Though it is quite clearly rooted in the NWOBHM movement (of which Witchfynde was a prominent player), the style here doesn't really sound a lot like Witchfynde, and much of the similarities that do exist come from Beltz's distinctive vocal style. The Awakening is a more straightforward British metal album, harkening back to the early 80's and reminiscient of bands such as Judas Priest and Dio. The album is hardly contemporary, and at times is a shade on the ordinary side, but it's decent enough to be enjoyable to nostalgic NWOBHM fans. The band broke up after the one album.

Last Lineup

Luther Beltz

vocals (ex-Witchfynde)

Ronnie Reynolds


Rick Gilliat


Dave Hewitt


Tez Brown



The Awakening  
  1. Hell Hath No Fury
  2. Death Of Innocence
  3. Vampyre´s Tale
  4. Blessed Be
  5. To The Devil A Daughter
  6. The Awakening
  7. Unholy Shadows
  8. One Step Closer (To Hell)
  9. Unknown Soldier
  10. Ghost Dancer
  11. Arken Asylum
  • Luther Beltz
  • Ronnie Reynolds
  • Rick Gilliat
  • Dave Hewitt
  • Tez Brown

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