Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Space Rock, Instrumental
Page online: February 27, 2016
Last update/review: February 27, 2016

Yuri Gagarin

If you're going to start a space metal band, why not name the band after the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin (the band) hails from Sweden and the debut album features four long tracks of classic space rock jams, perhaps on the heavier end of the space rock spectrum. Hawkwind is, of course, the primary influence and reference point, with perhaps a touch of Monster Magnet as well. Highly recommended to fans of the genre.

Current Members

Christian Lindberg


Jon Eriksson


Leif Göransson


Robin Klockerman


Stefan Johansson



Yuri Gagarin  
2013 Levande
  1. First Orbit
  2. Sonic Invasion 2910
  3. Za Kosmosom
  4. The Big Rip
  • Christian Lindberg
  • Jon Eriksson
  • Leif Göransson
  • Robin Klockerman
  • Stefan Johansson

At The Center Of All Infinity  
  1. The New Order
  2. Cluster Of Minds
  3. In The Abyss
  4. I See No God Up Here
  5. At The Center Of All Infinity
  6. Oblivion

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