Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Page online: August 7, 2005
Last update/review: August 9, 2006


Zebulon was formed following the demise of Desultory, the guys making the rare transition from full-on death metal to classic stoner rock. Volume One, the band's 2001 debut following an earlier EP, doesn't offer the listener anything new for the genre, but what it does, it does well -- loud, heavy rock in the Fu Manchu tradition, with perhaps just the faintest of Southern rawk influences here and there. A bit more variation wouldn't go amiss, the songs sounding too similar to each other after a few listens, but it's a good first effort (the band recorded Troubled Ground three years later), and as part of a healthy Scandinavian stoner scene, Zebulon fit in well. They are likely done now, as the core lineup reverted to become a reformed Desultory in 2009.

Last Lineup

Håkan Morberg

vocals (ex-Desultory)

Klas Morberg

guitars (ex-Desultory)

Johan Bohlin

bass (ex-Desultory, Unanimated)

Thomas Johnson

drums (ex-Desultory)


Cape Canaria  EP
1999 People Like You
  1. Overflown
  2. Burning fuel
  3. The day
  4. Goddamned
  • Håkan Morberg
  • Klas Morberg
  • Johan Bohlin
  • Thomas Johnson

Volume One  
2001 People Like You
  1. Funeral trip
  2. Burning fuel
  3. Follow the blind
  4. Demonic
  5. Blood and her sisters
  6. Tempo gigante
  7. Overflown
  8. A beautiful war
  9. Down/Out
  10. Whips and robots
  • Håkan Morberg
  • Klas Morberg
  • Johan Bohlin
  • Thomas Johnson

Troubled Ground  
2004 People Like You
  1. Take it like a man
  2. Stitched up
  3. Drain you
  4. Daytrip to hell
  5. Stand your ground
  6. Don´t let it win
  7. So easy
  8. Troubled ground
  9. Blood money
  10. Outside
  • Håkan Morberg
  • Klas Morberg
  • Johan Bohlin
  • Thomas Johnson

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