Doom Metal

1914 Death Penalty Leather Nun Sargon
5ive Debris Inc. Left Hand Solution Serpent
A Pale Horse Named Death Demon Incarnate Life Beyond Serpentcult
The Abbey Devil Lord Vicar Seventh Void
Abdullah Dolorian Lords Of The Stone Shape Of Despair
Acid Witch Domovoyd Lost Breed Sheavy
Acrimony The Doomsday Kingdom Lucifer Shepherd
Adagio Doomshine Lycanthia Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
Against Nature DoomSword Mama Doom Silvertomb
Agalloch Dopethrone Mammoth Storm Sinister Realm
Age Of Taurus Draconian Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Sinsaenum
Ahab Dragonauta Mar De Grises Skepticism
Altar Of Oblivion Dream Death Memento Mori The Skull
Amenra Earthride Memoriam Sleep
Arduini/Balich Electric Wizard Memory Garden Sleestak
Argus Elegeion Mercy Sloth
Ashes You Leave Empires Messa Slow Horse
Atlantean Kodex The Equinox Ov The Gods Middian Solitude Aeturnus
Atramentus Ereb Altor The Mighty Nimbus Solstice
Avatarium Estatic Fear Minsk Sorcerer
Beastmaker Eternal Elysium Mirror Of Deception Sourvein
Bedemon Evoken Mondo Drag Spelljammer
Bell Witch Exhumation Monolord Spirit Adrift
Below Forsaken Mood Spirit Caravan
Black Hole Frayle Mortuary Drape Stereochrist
Black Manta Funeral Mountain Witch Strigoi
Black Moth The Furor Mourn The Sword
Black Oath Fvneral Fvkk Naevus Teeth Of The Hydra
Black Sabbath Garden Of Worm Necrowretch Terminus
Black Spell Gates Of Slumber Negative Reaction Thergothon
Black Sun Aeon Giant Squid Nemesis The Oath
Blackfinger Goatlord Northwinds Trinakrius
Blood Ceremony Goatsnake The Obsessed Troglodyte Dawn
Blood Farmers Gods Tower Obsidian Sea Trouble
Bloody Hammers Godsend Ogre Type O Negative
Bloody Panda Gospel Of The Witches Orchid Ufomammut
Brimstone Coven Grand Delusion Orodruin Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
Buried At Sea Grand Magus The Otolith Under The Sun
Burning Saviours The Graviators Oversoul Unorthodox
Burning Witch Green Lung Öxxö Xööx Valhall
Candlemass Grey Skies Fallen Pagan Altar Virgin Black
Cardinals Folly Grief Pale Divine Void Of Silence
Castle Griftegård Pallbearer The Von Deer Skulls
Cathedral Grimfist Penance Voodooshock
Celestial Season Hands Of Orlac Pentagram Wall Of Sleep
Centurions Ghost Heathendom Petrichor The Wandering Midget
Church Of Misery The Hidden Hand Phantomass Warhorse
Clouds Holy Grove Phased Warning
Cold Mourning Hour Of 13 Place Of Skulls While Heaven Wept
Colosseum In-Graved Planet Gemini Windhand
Conan Innersphere Pyraweed Winter
Concept Of God Interitus Dei Question Of Madness Winters
Condenados Internal Void Ramesses Witch Mountain
Confessor Iron Hearse Ras Algethi Witchcraft
Count Raven Iron Man Raven Black Night Witchfinder General
Cripper Isole The Red Widows With The Dead
Crowned In Earth Jex Thoth Revelation The Wizards
Cultus Sanguine Kadavar Reverend Bizarre World Below
Cytotoxin Kal-El Riti Occulti Worm
Dark Buddha Rising Khanate Root Worship
Dark Millennium Khemmis Runemagick Wounded Giant
Darkher King Goat Sacrilege Wretch
Dawn Of Winter Krux Sahg Wretched
Daylight Dies Kuolemanlaakso St. Vitus Wytchcraft
Dead Witches Las Cruces Sanctus Infernum Yob
Deadbird Last Chapter Santo Rostro Zebulon Pike

Active bands are in bold.

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