Origin: Finland
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Firebox Records

Band Album Year
Ablaze In Hatred Deceptive Awareness 2006
Ablaze In Hatred The Quietude Plains 2009
Colosseum Chapter 1: Delirium 2007
Colosseum Chapter 2: Numquam 2009
Colosseum Chapter 3: Parasomnia 2011
Depressed Mode Ghosts Of Devotion 2007
Depressed Mode ... For Death 2009
Fall Of The Leafe August Wernicke 2000
Fall Of The Leafe Volvere 2004
Fall Of The Leafe Vantage 2005
Fall Of The Leafe Aerolithe 2007
Manitou The Mad Moon Rising 2004
Manitou Deadlock 2006
Mar De Grises The Tatterdemalion Express 2004
Mar De Grises Draining The Waterheart 2008
Misery Inc. Random End 2006
Mythological Cold Towers The Vanished Pantheon 2005
Pantheist O Solitude 2003
Pantheist Amartia 2005
Pantheist Journey Through Lands Unknown 2008
Swallow The Sun The Morning Never Came 2003
Swallow The Sun Ghosts Of Loss 2005
Total Devastation Roadmap Of Pain 2003
Total Devastation Reclusion 2005
Total Devastation Wreck 2006

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