Origin: Austria

NoiseArt Records

Band Album Year
Suicidal Angels Dead Again 2010
Mortal Sin Psychology Of Death 2011
Skull Fist Head Öf The Pack 2011
TrollfesT En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral 2011
Suicidal Angels Bloodbath 2012
TrollfesT Brumlebassen 2012
Fueled By Fire Trapped In Perdition 2013
Majesty Banners High 2013
Majesty Thunder Rider 2013
Mercenary Through Our Darkest Days 2013
Thyrfing De Ödeslösa 2013
Skull Fist Chasing The Dream 2014
Suicidal Angels Divide And Conquer 2014
TrollfesT Kaptein Kaos 2014
Majesty Generation Steel 2015
After All Waves Of Annihilation 2016
Suicidal Angels Conquering Europe 2016
Suicidal Angels Division Of Blood 2016
TrollfesT Helluva 2017
Skull Fist Way Of The Road 2018
Suicidal Angels Years Of Aggression 2019
TrollfesT Norwegian Fairytales 2019
Mercenary Soundtrack For The End Times 2023

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