Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: February 17, 2006
Last update/review: December 20, 2012

Avenger Of Blood

Avenger Of Blood hails from Las Vegas, a up-and-coming thrash band formed in 2001. Complete Annihilation, their first album, is retro thrash, clear Slayer / Kreator worship through and through, played with sufficient conviction. As this is a debut release by a young band, there's room for improvement, but this is a fine start to a career.

Current Members

Marc Flores


Shannon Frye


Former Members/Guests

Eric Greaney


Nathan Fichter


Shawn Loureiro



Complete Annihilation  
  1. Intro
  2. Complete Annihilation
  3. Scent of Death
  4. Bound By Torment
  5. Tyrants of the Bloodlands
  6. Where The Pictures Lie
  7. Trapped in Time
  8. Violent Epiphany
  9. Everlasting Plague
  10. Forced To Kill
  • Eric Greaney
  • Nathan Fichter
  • Shawn Loureiro
  • Shannon Frye

Death Brigade  
2008 Heavy Artillery
  1. Vicious Onslaught
  2. Death Brigade
  3. When Will You Die
  4. Mortally Wounded
  5. Bloodseeker
  6. Poserslaughter
  7. Terminate
  8. Sadistic Inquisitor
  9. Beneath the Curse
  10. Assassins
  • Eric Greaney
  • Marc Flores
  • Shawn Loureiro
  • Shannon Frye

Spawn Of Evil  EP
2012 self-released
  1. Centuries of Hell
  2. Spawn of Evil
  3. Aggressive Psychotic Behavior
  • Marc Flores
  • Shannon Frye

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