Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: July 14, 2003

Agents Of Oblivion

Agents Of Oblivion was one of two post- Acid Bath bands (the other being Goatwhore), here featuring vocalist Dax Riggs and guitarist Mike Sanchez. For the most part, this self-titled album is far removed from the sludgy doom that is often characteristic of New Orleans metal (and which Acid Bath was famous for) -- instead, this is largely a melancholy, somewhat bluesy hard rock affair, with several songs being ballads led by Chuck Pitre's fine piano work. There are occasional heavier moments (such as "Paroled In '54"), but in retrospect this album sounds comes across more like a requiem, or tribute, to Audie Pitre (Acid Bath bassist whose tragic death eventually signalled the end of that band) than a standalone album from a new band. Though quite different than what might be expected, it's a heartfelt album worth hearing. The band didn't last long, as at least some of the members moved on to other projects soon after the album's release, most notably Deadboy And The ElephantMen.

Last Lineup

Dax Riggs

vocals/guitars (ex-Acid Bath)

Mike Sanchez

lead guitar (ex-Acid Bath)

Alex Bergeron


Chuck Pitre


Jeff McCarty



Agents Of Oblivion  
2000 Rotten
  1. Endsmouth
  2. Slave Riot
  3. A Song That Crawls
  4. Dead Girl
  5. Phantom Green
  6. The Hangman's Daughter
  7. Ladybug
  • Dax Riggs
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Alex Bergeron
  • Chuck Pitre
  • Jeff McCarty

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